18 September 2019
What do you do when an invasive but very pretty plant with pink flowers takes over? For her PhD at Utrecht University Jetske Vaas investigated.
Foto: hroe via iStock
11 September 2019
Utrecht University researchers Julian Kirchherr and Ralf van Santen have identified five barriers in putting circular economy research into practice.
Business Incubation
10 September 2019
Chris Eveleens focused his PhD research on the structural contribution of business incubation to the performance of startups.
Zandzakken tegen overstroming van een straat in Praag
9 September 2019
Romy Brockhoff wrote a bachelor thesis on the governance arrangements for rain induced floods in Utrecht.
4 September 2019
To support newly emerging topics, research themes and impact events, different objectives are eligible for funding through the Acceleration Grant Scheme.
29 August 2019
Utrecht University PhD researcher Sara Mirbagheri Golroodbari explains the solar panel shading problem and how she is trying to fix it.
28 August 2019
Utrecht University researcher Dr. Karin Rebel talks about the importance of interdisciplinary education, and sustainability game Utrecht 2040.
27 August 2019
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and the University of Ibadan in Nigeria launch partnership to address waste leakage to Africa.
27 August 2019
Utrecht University's Prof Harriet Bulkeley is made a Fellow of the British Academy for her contribution to the politics and governance of environmental issues.
Zonnepanelen en windmolen
22 August 2019
Are we going to opt for the conventional approaches of using CO2 storage, biomass and hydrogen or should we speed up the development of synthetic fuels?
21 August 2019
A recent publication by Utrecht University researchers suggests that coffee certification programmes may be an avenue for large scale climate adaptation.
15 August 2019
Institutions for Open Societies is pleased to announce that dr. Lea Fuenfschilling (Lund University) will come to Utrecht University as IOS Visiting Fellow.
9 August 2019
Utrecht University PhD researcher Ann-Hélène Faber explores chemical risks to the water system at a tight gas development in the Netherlands.
5 August 2019
Utrecht University MSc student Janna Einöder is investigating what happens when bumblebees don’t have their favourite flowers nearby.
31 July 2019
Utrecht University PhD researcher Alexa Grimm explains the importance of exploring the interdisciplinary nature of CCS.
25 July 2019
In the newly developed Utrecht 2040 game, sustainability challenges are presented that can immediately be accepted by the players.
24 July 2019
Utrecht University PhD researcher Dominique Narain-Ford is exploring the natural purification of domestic wastewater during underground irrigation.
15 July 2019
Utrecht University researchers hosted a symposium on degrowth, the first of this kind in the Netherlands. We interview organiser Dr. Giuseppe Feola.
12 July 2019
The Utrecht University researcher's results suggest that EU Directives on the circular economy may worsen the ecological footprint of the EU.
2 July 2019
The calls for projects for inter and trans-disiciplinary researcher and education projects, visiting professor and student activities are now online.
Open User and Innovation Conference 2019
24 June 2019
Around 150 researchers will exchange research findings, discuss current topics and new initiatives related to Open and User Innovation.
24 June 2019
Researchers from the Utrecht University Academy of Ecosystem Services will explore the sustainable restoration of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
Ontbossing in beheerde bossen in Washington (VS). Foto via iStock/halbergman
17 June 2019
Planting trees in arid areas can sometimes worsen the environmental circumstances, environmental researchers from Utrecht University confirm.
17 June 2019
A recent study reveals the subtle and 'ordinary' mechanisms of urban land grabbing in peri-urban spaces of small Colombian cities.
17 June 2019
Utrecht University is part of Horizon2020-funded COST Action project aeroGels: Advanced Engineering and Research of aeroGels for Environment and Life Sciences.
Sanne Akerboom at the Makkelijk Praten podcast
14 June 2019
Scientists from Utrecht University talk about their research (and funny science facts) in the 'Makkelijk Praten' podcast.
Verzakte huizen
12 June 2019
A broad national consortium led by Utrecht University has received a 5 million euro grant to study soil subsidence in the Netherlands.
4 June 2019
Recent publications by Utrecht University researchers explore opportunities for linking organisations unlikely to collaborate in solving societal challenges.
3 June 2019
The Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University has recently been given access to a field station in the Kempenbroek nature area.
Energy transition
3 June 2019
Utrecht University and Eindhoven University of Technology are joining forces by establishing a joint Fair Energy Transition Center.
29 May 2019
Utrecht University researcher Dr Joost Vervoort awarded an NWO Vidi grant to research how simulation gaming can experiment with sustainable future societies.
John Robinson at 2018 Pathways to Sustainability conference
28 May 2019
Working with stakeholders is key to achieving a sustainable society. But how do you do that well? Interview with Utrecht University Visiting Prof John Robinson.
Ellen Moors. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
27 May 2019
With effect from 1 June, Ellen Moors has been appointed a member of the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation.
Gekleurde laarzen in ondergelopen gebied
21 May 2019
Different types of residential areas will get extra money to adapt to hotter summers and heavier showers. Utrecht University is monitoring these projects.
20 May 2019
Utrecht University PhD Chris Eveleens has studied if and why incubation improves performance of startups providing innovative sustainability solutions.
Europese wolf in Polen
20 May 2019
As wolves re-establish themselves in the Netherlands, researchers put forward recommendations for protecting wolves and preventing them from attacking livestock
16 May 2019
UU/PBL researcher Mathijs Harmsen investigated how low cost mitigation strategies to reduce non-CO2 emissions could contribute to global climate goals.
Een lege Tweede Kamer
15 May 2019
Five Utrecht University researchers have taken part in the Dutch House of Representatives’ round-table discussions about among others energy transition.
Verticaal bos
26 April 2019
In residents’ initiatives that aim to boost a city’s climate resilience, municipalities aim to focus more on facilitating, according to UU scientists.
25 April 2019
A new study co-authored by Utrecht University researchers provides insights in how we can manage savannas and grasslands under a changing climate.
Degrowth. Credit: iStock/com/feellife
17 April 2019
The symposium on 'living on a finite planet – alternatives to economic growth' will be held at Utrecht University on 28 June.
17 April 2019
Three of six Dutch projects selected for ERA-NET co-fund AXIS awarded to researchers from Utrecht University's Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development.
17 April 2019
PhD candidate Kieran Campbell-Johnston is part of a team of architects, activists and researchers developing a circular housing cooperative in Amsterdam Oost.
Shirakawa-go, Japan
15 April 2019
The paper ‘Bright spots: seeds of a good Anthropocene’ has received the 2019 ESA Innovations in Sustainability Science Award.
Konijnen in Zuid-Kennemerland. Foto: Ruud Maaskant
12 April 2019
The composition of rabbit manure increases plant biodiversity, researchers from Utrecht University and the Free University of Brussels have concluded.
4 April 2019
The Netherlands have to take a stance in the debate on deliberately cooling down the Earth, argues Frank Biermann in 'De Volkskrant'.
Food Trade
26 March 2019
The global network of food trade increases resilience against interannual-decadal climate variability, Utrecht University researchers find.
25 March 2019
His Majesty King Willem-Alexander launched a new system of charging stations to both charge and discharge electrical cars.
22 March 2019
Stef Koop developed three tools that cities can use to gain insight into their water management performance and governance capacity.
13 March 2019
A new UN report with contributions from Utrecht University concludes that the world is not on track to achieve internationally agreed environmental targets.
13 March 2019
Every year this conference brings together 200 international researchers from disciplines such as innovation management, entrepreneurship and public policy.
11 March 2019
Utrecht University researchers are publishing a Perspective article on the status quo of ‘Power to Methane’ today in Nature Catalysis.
Wilco Hazeleger
11 March 2019
As of 1 July 2019, the Executive Board of Utrecht University has appointed Prof. Wilco Hazeleger as the new Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences.
Sunset at Utrecht Central Station, the Netherlands
11 March 2019
From July 8th to July 12th Urban Futures Studio hosts the Futuring for Sustainability Summerschool. Apply before June 1th 2019.
6 March 2019
Researchers, stakeholders, and other interested parties can submit a proposal for a small project on Water, Climate, and Future Deltas.
28 February 2019
Utrecht University hosts the European Environmental Law Forum (EELF) 2019: Environmental Law for Transitions to Sustainability.
27 February 2019
Dutch National Park Zuid-Kennemerland is equipped with a Smart Parks network that gathers information about the behaviour of large grazers.
25 February 2019
Utrecht University to develop strategic advice facilitating the rapid availability of new antimalarial therapies on the African and Southeast Asian markets.
25 February 2019
Utrecht University researcher Tarek AlSkaif awarded grant to develop a peer-to-peer energy trading platform guaranteeing a reliable decentralised energy grid.
20 February 2019
Utrecht University and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht students developed applied games addressing complex and deeply uncertain sustainability issues.
Luchtfoto USP De Uithof
14 February 2019
UU has now opted for the following guiding principles when designing, building and managing university property: healthy, energy-generating and circular.
6 February 2019
A new paper examines whether participatory local democracy can help achieve key SDGs and contribute to a greater level of social and environmental justice.
4 February 2019
Report and video registration of the Pathways to Sustainability conference 2019 with memorable keynotes by Diederik Samsom and Harvard Prof Sheila Jasanoff.
Gamende studenten
4 February 2019
Students from Utrecht University and University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) get a week to make serious games about sustainability issues.
31 January 2019
Pita Verweij and Madelon Eelderink are nominated for the Agnites Vrolik Award for research that contributes to solving urgent societal issues.
Martin Junginger
31 January 2019
Utrecht University Professor Martin Junginger discusses the importance of biomass certification and dispels its negative press.
23 January 2019
On January 16 2019, Utrecht University was one of 26 parties to sign the Green Deal for Nature-Inclusive Agriculture in Green Education.
22 January 2019
With these three new appointments, 10 Senior Fellows currently take part in the Programme
16 January 2019
Utrecht University hosted the 2018 edition of the Earth System Governance Conference. From January it will host the alliance’s International Project Office.
14 January 2019
Between 26 January and 1 February 2019 Utrecht University will host 12 Early Stage Researchers and academics for a CRESTING consortium meeting.
11 January 2019
Utrecht University Professor Gert Jan Kramer argues that the flow of carbon must become circular and taxed.
Werknemer monteert zonnepanelen op het dak van de Universiteit Utrecht.
2 January 2019
Solar panel yield in the Netherlands was 10-25% higher than expected, according to calculations by Utrecht University.
21 December 2018
Researchers and lecturers from the Copernicus Institute attended the WOinActie demonstration to protest against cuts to Dutch universities.
17 December 2018
Utrecht University researchers are addressing the challenges of implementing the transition to sustainable agriculture from varied perspectives.
17 December 2018
Utrecht University co-hosted the Utrecht Winter School on Earth System Governance, which took place from 31 October - 4 November 2018.
13 December 2018
Many innovative solutions to climate change are not put to use because we do not know how to apply them properly.
7 December 2018
Utrecht University PhD researcher Madelon Eelderink explains her work studying Participatory Action Research from a Social Ecological Systems perspective.
6 December 2018
Utrecht University researchers Maarten Kleinhans, Appy Sluijs, Marleen van Rijswick and others argue that we must rigorously adapt to sea level rise.
Flood New Orleans
5 December 2018
Peter Driessen and Dries Hegger from Utrecht University have written an editorial describing a system that is designed to fail safely from time to time.
29 November 2018
On 17th November 2018 Sander Chan (Utrecht University/DIE) gave a TEDx Talk in Bonn on how we can move from despair about climate change towards action.
Sustainable Development Goals
29 November 2018
Detlef van Vuuren of Utrecht University aims to develop scenarios that demonstrate what we will need to do to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
27 November 2018
Utrecht University researchers Tarek Alskaif and Wilfried van Sark interviewed about their work with EU project PARENT and its pilot in the East of Amsterdam.
Logo MIT
23 November 2018
Innovators Under 35 list of MIT Technology Review
RAI Amsterdam
21 November 2018
Best student thesis in the field of recycling and circular economy
Detlef van Vuuren
19 November 2018
Detlef van Vuuren gives us a behind-the-scenes look at research on global climate scenarios. How is scientific research contributing to complex climate policy?
Hub: Pathways to Sustainability
16 November 2018
The Pathways to Sustainability conference will take place on 24 January 2019 at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht.
zonnepanelen op dak
5 November 2018
Utrecht University carries out first long-term study of all factors that influence the installation of solar panels on city rooftops.
Duurzaam ondernemen
2 November 2018
The social behavioural skills of key figures within an organisation are crucial for effectively embedding sustainability ambitions, says Angela van der Heijden.
29 October 2018
Utrecht University students and researchers invited to engage with Utrecht City Council policymakers about local sustainability policy in the Climate Planet.
22 October 2018
Restoring populations of large mammals can help in mitigating climate change, conclude ecologists from several universities including Utrecht.
17 October 2018
How should the Chinese commons be governed? Utrecht University’s Frank van Laerhoven was a keynote at the Tsinghua University Conference on Chinese Commons.
11 October 2018
Four researchers from the Geosciences Faculty of Utrecht University have been named in the Sustainable (Duurzame) 100, published by Dutch newspaper Trouw.
11 October 2018
Researchers and students from the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development came together to discuss their research and get to know each other better.
Foto: Roemer Overdiep
9 October 2018
Climate scientist Detlef van Vuuren of Utrecht University wins the prestigious Huibregtsen Prize for his work developing the IMAGE climate forecasting model.
Windmolens op zee
5 October 2018
The PhD thesis of Jan Huynen at Utrecht University resulted in Blue Battery, a plan for an underground energy buffer in the Dutch province of Limburg.
4 October 2018
The Guardian published a letter signed by 237 academics calling for a radical shift away from economic growth to ensure sustainable futures.
27 September 2018
Utrecht University participates in the project PVP4Grid that studies the framework conditions of the use of locally generated solar power.
Julian Kirchherr
27 September 2018
"Perfectionism is paralysing too many PhD students", says Julian Kirchherr. "A more pragmatic approach to doctoral research is needed."
19 September 2018
Utrecht University Professor Ernst Worrell explains how a more circular economy is key to reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
BIjendag botanische tuinen
18 September 2018
Utrecht University Associate Professor Jeroen van der Sluijs advises the EU Parliament PEST Committee hearing on EU pesticide authorisation procedure.
7 September 2018
Having led the Faculty of Geosciences for over eight years, Piet Hoekstra intends to step down as dean from 1 March 2019.
Shanghai Ranking
5 September 2018
Utrecht University researchers are ranked second best worldwide in the Shanghai Ranking category Geography.
3 September 2018
During the start of the academic year rector Henk Kummeling presented the Student Awards to Elizabeth Dirth and working group 'Gewoon Vega'.
Elektrische auto's bij oplaadpunt
3 September 2018
Utrecht University PhD Candidate Marte Gerritsma has been awarded a €5000 Hofvijverkring Fellowship to study smart solar charging of electric vehicles.
Elektrische auto's bij oplaadpunt
16 August 2018
To achieve a smooth energy transition, more attention needs to be paid to regional differences, write energy researchers from Utrecht and Eindhoven.
31 July 2018
Utrecht University researchers have discovered a way to mathematically describe the social network that creates and maintains biodiversity in forests.
INHale UGlobe
24 July 2018
The INHaLE initiative was launched at the LANDac Annual International Conference.
20 July 2018
Researchers and students from the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, involved in 6th UN Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6).
19 July 2018
Utrecht University researchers spoke to employees of BNP Paribas in Amsterdam and London about the role of the private sector in a climate change world.
Elektrische auto's bij oplaadpunt
17 July 2018
Using only monetary measures will barely increase the number of electric cars.
16 July 2018
Utrecht University is hiring four PhD candidates through an ERC Advanced Grant for a novel project analysing the steering effects of the Global Goals.
4 July 2018
Utrecht University researcher and solar energy expert Wilfried van Sark interviewed by NOS about why it can be a good idea to clean your solar panels.
28 June 2018
Over 140 Utrecht University students came together to present global pathways to achieving the Global Goals to 40 sustainability practitioners and academics.
27 June 2018
Researchers from the University of Oxford and Utrecht University discuss upscaling sustainable innovations during a one-day workshop in Oxford.
11 June 2018
PhD candidate Sierk de Jong argues that we can limit a large part of this growth by using biojet fuels, if we produce the fuel sustainably.
Sol in glas in lood
1 June 2018
This year, five Utrecht-based researchers each receive an NWO-Vidi scholarship of 800,000 euros.
29 May 2018
The Amazon rainforest stabilises itself, especially during dry periods, reports a new study by Wageningen University & Research, and Utrecht University.
2 May 2018
Discussions about energy are usually on the subject of electricity, even though more than half of our final energy consumption concerns heat.
2 May 2018
Utrecht University energy researcher Dr Robert Harmsen develops smart road maps to find alternatives to natural gas in neighbourhoods.
Alternatieve scenario's
13 April 2018
Researchers from Utrecht University and PBL conclude that the Paris Climate Agreement goals can be attained with less negative emissions than previously shown.
prof. dr. Frank Biermann
6 April 2018
Prof Frank Biermann from Utrecht University has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for his research into the Sustainable Development Goals.
28 March 2018
The increasing integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity system has resulted in a quest for flexibility.
IJsbeer op ijsschots
6 March 2018
Climate researchers from Utrecht University and PBL show that that there are ways to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C instead of 2.0˚C by 2100.
SEAC Roadmap
2 March 2018
Wilfried van Sark from Utrecht University has participated in creating a new roadmap for PV systems and applications in The Netherlands.
Veel uitstoot
7 February 2018
Ending fossil fuel subsidies would have a relatively small impact on greenhouse gas emissions, researchers from Utrecht University have found.
2 February 2018
Researchers at Utrecht University have set out a framework for modelling the complexities of food and water security under globalisation and urbanisation
Verticaal bos
15 December 2017
The conclusion of a group of researchers including some from Utrecht University is that policy worldwide is insufficiently adapted to climate change.
Logo IRIS H2020
28 November 2017
The H2020 IRIS project revolves around the preservation of energy and mobility at neighbourhood level with ICT and civilian involvement.
Ben Feringa
16 November 2017
Prof. Ben Feringa (2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) will give the Debye Annual Lecture: The Art of Building Small on Thursday November 16, 2017.
Green Office Experience Circular Economy
6 November 2017
The circular economy is still a niche that is not well known by the wider public, conclude researchers from Utrecht University and Deloitte.
Earth System Governance Project
12 October 2017
Utrecht University will host the International Project Office of the Earth System Governance network from 2019 onwards.
10 October 2017
Klaas van Egmond, Maarten Hajer and Marko Hekkert from Utrecht University are in the annual Trouw Sustainable 100 ranking.
18 September 2017
According to scientists at Utrecht University, hydropower could provide enough electricity to supply almost half of the world.
29 August 2017
Martin Junginger and Gert Jan Kramer argue that solar and wind energy alone are not sufficient. They contemplates a future of clean energy and clean fuels.
Detlef van Vuuren
4 July 2017
In sustainability research we need to join forces even more, says professor Detlef van Vuuren of Utrecht University.
Globe in hand
1 June 2017
NWO has awarded both innovation scientist Andrea Herrmann and Earth scientist Laura Cobden a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros.
logo inside out
10 May 2017
Woningcorporatie Bo-Ex onderzoekt in het consortium “Inside Out” hoe haar hoogbouwflats energieleverend gemaakt kunnen worden.
Afbeelding van zonnepaneel
24 April 2017
The new cabinet has to make a big step towards sustainability quickly. Ninety professors write this in an open letter.
Rode Ara in vlucht.
13 April 2017
Research shows that hunting leads to a decline by 83 per cent of tropical mammal abundance, and to 58 per cent fewer birds.
22 February 2017
To structurally reduce CO₂ emissions in the aviation sector, sustainably produced biofuels are essential, say Utrecht University researchers.
16 February 2017
Symposium Ecogames: Game Research meets Sustainability
25 January 2017
Utrecht University scientists found that by burning wood pellets made of wood residue, climate benefits can be achieved within six years.
NS trein
22 December 2016
Multidisciplinary team receives NWO Complexity in Transport and Logistics grant
20 December 2016
A documentary. Utrecht University and the Amazon Conservation Team are collaborating on capacity building of indigenous communities in the interior.
7 December 2016
The positive effect of solar energy as a sustainable energy source offsets the negative impact of the production of solar panels.
1 December 2016
De eucalyptusboom is sterk aangepast aan een grillig klimaat, maar niet zoals men zou verwachten, concluderen Utrechtse en Australische onderzoekers.
25 November 2016
Utrecht University’s sustainability research has the greatest impact worldwide, concludes Times Higher Education.
3 November 2016
Machteld analyseerde het maatschappelijk debat rondom het hoe en waarom van een transitie naar een meer duurzame landbouwsector in Nederland.
1 November 2016
Zonnepanelen presteren beter op het platteland, zegt Wilfried van Sark van de Universiteit Utrecht.
31 October 2016
With amongst others fascinating keynote speakers and impressive posters we can look back on a successful Sustainability Conference 2016 with pride.
De War
13 October 2016
Negen Utrechtse wetenschappers baren in een open brief hun zorgen over de verkoop van de Amersfoortse Warner-Jenkinsonfabriek.
Life+ REBus
20 September 2016
Two case studies from the Green Deal on Circular Procurement were analyzed.
24 August 2016
Climate and environmental research and energy research score respectively 13th and 24th in the Shanghai ranking.
7 July 2016
The Future Deltas Seed Money Call of summer 2015 resulted in six new Future Deltas projects.
29 June 2016
Six Game Research seed money grants were awarded to multidisciplinary teams of researchers.
27 June 2016
Brian Dermody from Utrecht University received the prestigious Martinus van Marum Prize last Friday, June 17th for his thesis which he wrote in 2014.
Domotica bedieningspaneel
13 June 2016
Advanced technology has not yet been fully mobilised to make homes age-friendly say researchers from Utrecht University among others.
27 May 2016
Dorith Vermunt studied which lessons we can learn from entrepreneurs in the circular economy.
26 May 2016
Recently appointed Professor Rob Raven wrote the book The Experimental City.
22 April 2016
171 Countries signed the Paris Climate Agreement at the UN headquarters in New York on Earth Day.
19 April 2016
How can urban flood risk be managed? The STAR-FLOOD team created a step-by-step guidebook.
7 April 2016
Promovendus Mart van der Kam schreef een column over het opslaan van zonne-energie in elektrische auto's.
Prof. Marko Hekkert
7 April 2016
Prof. dr. Marko Hekkert has been appointed as Director of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development
Student in the field
1 April 2016
Two more grants are available for PhD research projects in the area of NCMR. Preperatory workshops will take place on 13 April and 9 May 2016.
29 March 2016
Environmental scientists at Utrecht University have concluded that plants adhere to mathematical rules.
22 March 2016
The Paris Agreement requires a stricter energy savings policy, concludes among others Wim Turkenburg.
18 March 2016
Zonne-energieonderzoeker Wilfried van Sark was in Parijs voor de ondertekening van een vehicle-to-grid-techniek intentieverklaring.
16 March 2016
With ‘Meet the Professor’, Utrecht University makes a connection with Utrecht’s’ primary school children.
29 February 2016
Arguments about climate change are unpersuasive in the public debate surrounding Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).
5 February 2016
Colette Bos vertelt bij BNR Nieuwsradio over haar promotie: hoe de wetenschappelijke agenda wordt gestuurd door maatschappelijke thema's.
Koen Frenken
4 February 2016
The sharing economy is a credit to consumers because the price of many goods has gone down considerably, says prof. Dr. Koen Frenken in his inaugural lecture.
28 January 2016
Sarah Gerssen-Gondelach werd naar aanleiding van haar promotie uitgebreid geïnterviewd door de Volkskrant.
20 January 2016
Promovendus Marijn van Weelen is te gast bij RTL Z in een tafelgesprek over de hype, de mythes en the way to go van start-ups.
18 December 2015
Klimaatblog - Wereldwijd deden universiteiten mee aan de Global Sitdown. De Utrechtse wetenschappers maakten een collage.
17 December 2015
Klimaatblog - Pim Croes blikt terug op de klimaattop: "Ik ben nog steeds positief".
16 December 2015
Ecology and economy are not opposed to one another, argues Prof. René Boot, chairman of the Utrecht Academy of Ecosystem Services.
11 December 2015
Klimaatblog - In een videoboodschap legt milieufilosoof Floris van den Berg uit waarom de klimaattop in Parijs symptoombestrijding is.
10 December 2015
Klimaatblog - Energiewetenschapper dr. Wilfried van Sark was aanwezig bij het symposium Sustainable Aviation tijdens de COP21 in Parijs.
8 December 2015
Utrechtse wetenschappers geven in de Volkskrant hun visie op de haalbaarheid van de tweegradengrens.
7 December 2015
Klimaatblog - Dries Hegger van het Copernicus Institute betoogt dat het tegengaan van klimaatverandering klein kan beginnen.
4 December 2015
Utrechtse studente Floor Osseweijer onderzoekt BIPV-systemen, esthetische zonne-energiesystemen, geïntegreerd in de gebouwschil.
Caroline Uittenbroek
1 December 2015
Klimaatblog - Hoe komt het dat het zo moeilijk is om een klimaatovereenkomst te sluiten? Door Caroline Uittenbroek.
1 December 2015
Klimaatblog - Op dit moment is klimaatverandering niet alleen noodzakelijk, maar ook technisch en commercieel haalbaar, zegt Pim Croes.
30 November 2015
Klimaatblog - “We, all the scientists, have done our work. We sit down. It is up to you.”
19 November 2015
Solar power will provide 2.5 million Dutch households with their entire electricity needs by 2023
17 November 2015
During the International Sustainability Conference, 45 young scientists presented their research in poster format.
9 November 2015
Watch the one hour webinar 'Quality Assessment of PV Systems by Analysis of System Performance'
14 October 2015
Researchers in different countries around the world have participated in intensive research on photovoltaic (PV) systems.
12 October 2015
With the recent awarding of three research projects in the field of solar energy, Utrecht University has received a boost of half a million euros.
prof. dr. Frank Biermann
8 October 2015
The Executive Board of Utrecht University has appointed Professor Dr. Frank Biermann as professor of Global Sustainability Governance.
call for posters
7 October 2015
The sharing economy is a fast-growing phenomenon. People share their home or car on Internet platforms such as Airbnb, Relayrides and BlaBlaCar.
28 September 2015
Author and science philosopher Floris van den Berg has written several books and has recently published his new book Beter Weten (Better Knowledge).
11 September 2015
Recently the European Commission has selected POWER as one of its Horizon 2020 projects.
7 September 2015
Researchers from Utrecht University conclude that the implementation of heat pumps is only really effective when the agreement is fully addressed.
7 September 2015
Research by Utrecht University has found that the roles of installers and SME construction companies in the Netherlands are severely depressed.
7 July 2015
Solar energy researchers from Utrecht University developed stained-glass panels with solar cells, that can generate electricity.
11 May 2015
Almost 1 million euros has been granted to the research project "Grage - Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas".
Koen Frenken
10 March 2015
Innovation scientist Koen Frenken awarded a €1.5 million grant for research into the evolution of innovation
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development - photo by Jerry van Dijk
25 February 2015
Dr. Yuki Fujita wins the second prize in the NERN Best Paper Award 2015.
Koen Frenken
13 February 2015
NWO has awarded innovation scientist Prof. dr. Koen Frenken a Vici grant of up to €1.5 million.
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development - photo by Jerry van Dijk
4 February 2015
Send in your full paper or extended abstract for the international workshop on sharing economy.
Energy & Resources
30 January 2015
Powerpoint presentations Seminar 'Key challenges faced by bioenergy: the need for an integrated approach'
Hands holding Globe
21 January 2015
We are happy to announce that the presentations of the symposium are now available online.
16 January 2015
Biomass production may indirectly cause changes such as deforestation and higher greenhouse gas emission. Research indicates this can be avoided.
Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development - photo by Jerry van Dijk
20 November 2014
A recent visitation ranked Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development as the best in the Netherlands.
Phosphorus threatens existence of endangered plants
18 November 2013
Plant species that persist in areas with low availability of phosphorus invest little in sexual reproduction.
Super insecticide imidacloprid has dramatic impact on insect richness in and around water
2 May 2013
Research by UU has found a link between the super insecticide imidacloprid and a decline in abundance of insects and other invertebrates in surface-water