Seed Funding Round for Researchers after Attending a 1-Day Pressure Cooker Session at 29 May

The Institute for a Circular Society introduces a new

The Institute for a Circular Society (i4CS) is excited to introduce a new round of seed funding for researchers at TU/e, WUR, UU or UMCU who are passionate about advancing circular solutions through inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research. This seed funding is a co-production between i4CS’s new theme Urban-Rural circularity (URC) and the province and city of Utrecht.

URC’s mission is to stimulate the development of circular systemic solutions for future proof regions. This means that URC looks for solutions that close loops, take planetary boundaries as a precondition and contribute to social inclusion and justice. The approach for this call is to zoom in on the Utrecht region and challenge researchers to address knowledge gaps encountered by the province and city of Utrecht, hence aiming to inspire academic research with direct societal impact. This co-creation between academia and stakeholders may hopefully lead to identifying solutions which are – preferably – also transferable to other regions. 

Researchers can apply for a seed fund after attending a 1-day pressure cooker session at 29 May.

Important deadlines:

Pressure cooker: 29 May 2024 (register here)

Deadline proposal: 14 June 2024 – 5 pm