20 November 2019

New hub in development on all aspects of circular economy

The transition to a circular economy will demand changes in many parts of our society and in our relationship to materials. A broad university like Utrecht offers a key opportunity to explore this in depth and width. Utrecht University' strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability is therefore developing a new hub on all relevant aspects of our progress towards a circular economy: 'Towards a Circular Economy and Society'.

Circular economy
Credit: iStock/baranozdemir

Initially, this ‘hub in development’ will focus primarily on two goals. First, building a vibrant community of interdisciplinary research on the circular economy, and secondly, presenting Utrecht University as the place of innovative circular economy research and education.

Interdisciplinary team

The Towards a Circular Economy and Society ‘hub in development’, which has received initial start-up funding from the faculties of Geosciences, Science, and Law, Economics and Governance, will be led by an interdisciplinary team headed by Prof Chris Backes (Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance), Prof Pieter Bruijnincx (Faculty of Science) and Prof Ernst Worrell (Faculty of Geosciences).

Join the hub

Over the next months these new hub leaders will focus on initiatives to start building a visible community of circular economy researchers. The first example of this new development was the inspiring kick-off and launching meeting on 18 November with all Utrecht scholars from various academic discplines interested in the circular economy. The next meeting is planned for 20 January. If you would like to join the hub, and/or attend the next meeting, please send an e-mail to Ernst Worrell.