Horizon grants for two consortia led by Utrecht researchers

Harriet Bulkeley (GEO) and Rens van de Schoot (FSBS)

Two research consortia led by Harriet Bulkeley (Faculty of Geosciences) and Rens van de Schoot (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) receive Horizon grants totalling 24.5 million euro. With Horizon Europe, the European Commission (EC) aims to increase Europe's competitiveness by stimulating science and innovation.

About the research projects

As more and more NBS are being implemented, we lack an understanding of how this all adds up. Are we creating synergies and integrated action across different sustainability challenges, or are there unexpected and unintended trade-offs now emerging that we need to consider?

NATURESCAPES, led by Harriet Bulkeley

The NATURESCAPES research project has been awarded a Horizon Grant of 6.5 million euro in total. Nature-based solutions (NBS) are singular nature-based solutions, such as green roofs or community gardens. NBS bring societal and environmental benefits, but it is still unclear whether multiple NBS bring synergy.

NATURESCAPES awarded Horizon Grant

With open-source, AI-aided, ASReview software we can screen large amounts of text. This helps scholars and practitioners to get an overview of the most relevant records for their work.

IMPROVE consortium, with work package led by Rens van der Schoot

The IMPROVE consortium has received a Horizon Europe grant of18 million euro. One of IMPROVE's main goals is to improve the use of Patient Generated Health Data, for example lab results or the patient’s medical history.

Horizon Europe grant to improve the use of health data

Alliance of TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht (EWUU)

Utrecht University has formed a strategic alliance with TU Eindhoven, Wageningen University & Research and UMC Utrecht (Alliance EWUU). Both NATURESCAPES and IMPROVE are research projects on which EWUU researchers are collaborating. More information about the alliance can be found on the website.