14 June 2019

Young climate researchers in podcast series

Sanne Akerboom at the Makkelijk Praten podcast
Sanne Akerboom at the Makkelijk Praten podcast

An 'easy-going’ science podcast with young researchers: scientists from Utrecht University talk about their research (and funny science facts) in the 'Makkelijk Praten' podcast. Drought expert Niko Wanders spoke about climate extremes, and energy transition researcher Sanne Akerboom talked about the role of citizens in energy policy.

Climate extremes 

What are climate extremes, and will we have more of them in the future? What can we do to ensure enough drinking water for everybody? Shouldn’t we fly less to save the climate? Podcast makers Adriaan and Sander interviewed hydrologist Dr Niko Wanders about these issues.

Climate policy

Should citizens have more influence on national energy policy and the decision-making process? What is the role of consumers in the energy system? Dr Sanne Akerboom talked about these topics, as well as about the Dutch climate agreement and the choices for large- or small-scale solutions. Akerboom is a researcher in the hub ‘Towards Industry with Negative Emissions’ of Pathways to Sustainability.

The podcasts are in Dutch. There’s more episodes with young climate researchers from Utrecht University to come!