Transitions Projects

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Ongoing projects

DATA ALLY (2024-2028)

This project investigates how to rebalance the ‘data asymmetry’ between governments and businesses and how the shared private sector data is used in government decisions on societal issues. More.

ESCIB (2024-2028)

ESCIB will develop a robust method to assess the environmental sustainability and circularity of bio-based systems, taking into account spatial-explicit environmental impacts and temporal-explicit circularity measurements. More.

CropXR (2023-2033)

This project seeks to combine biological and computational science and technologies to create, optimise and utilize a revolutionary 'smart-data-breeding' concept. More.

RESILIENCE (2023-2029)

The aim of RESILIENCE is to fundamentally advance our understanding and predictions of tipping and critical transitions in ecosystems and reveal how these can be evaded and even reversed through spatial pattern formation. More.

Just CRISPR (2023-2027)

This project studies whether and how crop gene editing technologies (like CRISPR/Cas) can contribute to a just transition for smallholder farmers in the global South. More.

Data purchasing (2023-2024)

Creating an evidence base on when, how, for what purposes, and with what implications the Dutch authorities resort to purchasing data from the private sector for decision-making around societal challenges. More.

Ad-RICCE (2022-2027)

How can we transition to climate-resilient rice farming in a way that is both effective and fair? Adaptive Rice Cultivation for a Changing Climate (Ad-RICCE) seeks to promote more climate resilience agriculture by rice farming in India by combining expertise in plant sciences, social sciences, and policy making. More.

BmB (2022-2026)

BmB - Bouwen met Biobouwers (Building with Ecosystem Engineers) aims to develop a method to restore oyster and mussel beds with biodegradable structures with 3D-printing techniques. More.

DemoTrans (2022-2026)

The key challenge of DemoTrans is to investigate the interchange between democratic institutions and the globalisation of the economy, and to develop promising new approaches to re-embed democracy and capitalism. More.

African Urban Futures (2022-)
This project aims to expand imaginaries about the possible futures for African cities to better achieve sustainability and justice outcomes, using infrastructure as an entry point. More.
PICASSO (2021-2025)

This project aims to identify transformation processes needed for achieving a large set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and key synergies and trade-offs among SDG indicators. More.


Developing a digital platform to support independent and healthy lives for Europe’s ageing populations. More.

Protein Transition (2020-2025)

This interdisciplinary project aims to contribute to the acceleration of plant-based proteins using four different lenses: innovation system transitions, design studies, psychology, and consumer behaviour. More.

Impacts of Circular Strategies on Gender Equality, Job Quality and Sustainable Livelihoods of Workers (2020-2024)

Through a gender lens, this research aims at assessing how the implementation of CE strategies affects the quality of jobs, gender equality and the livelihood of workers in the fashion value chain. More.