12 February 2020

New podcast exploring the life of a PhD researcher

What is the role of science in society, and how is life as early career researchers in today’s university? Three Utrecht University PhD candidates have launched a new podcast exploring these questions.

In the Copernicast, Jip Leendertse, Jaap van Slageren and Timon de Boer, all PhD researchers at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, talk about experiences of setback and success, their own and others research, and unpack the role of the early career researchers in society today.

“We wanted to create more awareness about life as a young researcher and a podcast, recording a conversation with friends, is a great way to enjoy doing this,” say the three researchers.

Listen to Episode 1 of the Copernicast on PodBean, iTunes or on Spotify.

About the hosts

L-R hosts Jaap van Slageren, Jip Leendertse and Timon de Boer.

Jaap van Slageren is a researcher whose interest spans over a broad range of topics at the intersection of sociology, economics and political science. He is currently focusing on digital labour markets, also known as the gig economy. His research examines if digitalisation creates a truly global labour market, and to what extent national differences still exist. His favorite sport is boxing.

In his research Jip Leendertse is trying to understand how entrepreneurs contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society. He focuses on sustainable start-ups, new companies that use technology to both develop their business and to contribute to solving social and environmental problems. His favorite sport is basketball.

Timon de Boer researches the selection of students at Utrecht University. Based on student application data and previous education, Timon tries to predict student success. The goal of Timons research is to improve selection at universities, but also to influence the public debate surrounding this topic. His favorite sport is rowing.