Two NWO Open Competition awards for geoscientists at Utrecht University

Two research projects by Utrecht geoscientists have been awarded a NWO Open Competition subsidy. With this competition, the NWO Division of Social Sciences and Humanities wants to give researchers the opportunity to carry out research on a subject of their own choice, without thematic preconditions.

Migration and Innovation: an historical perspective

Dr. Andrea Morrison

Between the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century the US received more than 30 million immigrants who were escaping poverty and persecution at home. Although the vast majority was made by unskilled workers, many were or became inventors. During this period of time the US became the world industrial and technological leader. Is there a link between the massive inflows of diverse ideas and experiences immigrants brought to the US and its rise as global technological leader? This project by Andrea Morrison (department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning) will answer this compelling question.

Philanthropic Foundations and Global Justice

Foto van Agni Kalfagianni
Dr. Agni Kalfagianni

Private philanthropic foundations increasingly shape what global justice means and how it should be implemented. This deserves scrutiny because philanthropy, beyond an act of giving, is an exercise of power. This project by Agni Kalfagianni (Sustainable Development) provides critical knowledge on how diverse foundations shape global justice and with what consequences for sustainability policies worldwide.