27 August 2019

Prof Harriet Bulkeley made a Fellow of the British Academy

Photo: Harriet Bulkeley

Prof Harriet Bulkeley has been made a Fellow of the British Academy in recognition of her contribution to the politics and governance of environmental issues. The British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences.

Harriet Bulkeley is a part time professor in the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, where her work looks at questions and opportunities around energy, smart grids, infrastructure, housing, mobility and most recently, nature and biodiversity.

She works with both the Environmental Governance and Innovation Studies groups, and is also a full professor at the University of Durham in the UK.

Exceptional work on politics and governance of environmental issues

Bulkeley has been recognised for her work on the politics and governance of environmental issues. A particular area of interest for her is climate change and the roles that cities and other actors such as businesses and communities play in responding to this challenge.

Two international research projects

She is currently coordinating the NATURVATION project, working to understand the role that nature can play in addressing urban sustainability and the ways cities are experimenting with nature to address climate change.

Bulkeley is also working on a project called REINVENT, looking at the potential and challenges of decarbonising ‘hard to reach’ parts of the carbon economy such as meat, milk, plastics and steel production.