Collaborate with us

Solutions to the complex problems the world is currently facing require a rich variety of perspectives and approaches. Through our research and education programmes we partner with a diversity of actors and stakeholders to produce rigorous knowledge that helps accelerate a just transition to a more sustainable world.

We partner with researchers from a range of scientific disciplines both inside the Netherlands and internationally. We also collaborate with a diversity of actors and stakeholders in society through our transdisciplinary research and education programmes. These partners include NGOs, communities, farmers, municipalities, national governments, UN agencies, start-ups, the EU Commission, multinationals and global development organizations.

In this way, our research and education produces rigorous and relevant knowledge that contributes to and co-creates an economic, technical, social, ecological and cultural understanding of how we can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.

We collaborate with a diversity of actors and stakeholders in society through our transdisciplinary research and education programmes

We also contribute to global scientific processes such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

Examples of our impact work

  • Dr. Sanne Akerboom and Prof. Gert Jan Kramer co-founded the Sustainable Industry Lab (SIL) in 2020, a national initiative hosted by Utrecht University. SIL has received a five-year, €800,000 grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and five industrial partners to together explore directions and consequences associated with transforming industry in the Netherlands to more sustainable practices.
  • Participatory maps co-developed as part of Sara Ramírez Gómez’s PhD were used by indigenous leaders to establish the South Suriname Conservation Corridor, covering 7.2 million ha of tropical forest, through an Indigenous Declaration submitted to Parliament on 5 March 2015. An in-depth interview is available in Spanish newspaper El País.
  • A group of innovation researchers led by Prof. Marko Hekkert have developed a 3-5 day training programme and manual for policymakers based on Copernicus research on sustainable innovation and transitions. To date we have educated ~400 civil servants. 


If you would like to collaborate with us through our research or education programmes, please contact our Impact Officer to discuss possibilities.