Call for Contributor(s)!

Jan Pieter Beetz (the Utrecht University School of Governance) and Selin Dilli ( Department of History and Art History) are putting together a co-edited textbook project with a working title “An Interdisciplinary Approach to 21st Century Grand Challenges: A PPE approach”.

The expected publication date is early 2025. The text book will provide the general framework of the book on the four stages of PPE interdisciplinarity (i.e., disciplinary grounding, perspective taking, finding common ground and integration). The thematic chapters will demonstrate how these four stages work in practice when applied to real world examples using your research expertise. We envision the chapters to be around 6000 words with four themes: 1) Sustainability and Cooperation, 2) Democracy and Welfare, 3) Inequality and Freedom, and 4) Business and Markets.

We are still looking for contributors with research expertise on “Bottom-up Initiatives on Sustainability Challenges” and familiar with the four stages of interdisciplinarity. If you would like to contribute a chapter or know any colleagues who do you think would be a good fit and, please share this with them and they can reach out either to Jan Pieter ( or Selin (