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Gekleurde laarzen in ondergelopen gebied
21 May 2019
Different types of residential areas will get extra money to adapt to hotter summers and heavier showers. Utrecht University is monitoring these projects.
20 May 2019
Utrecht University PhD Chris Eveleens has studied if and why incubation improves performance of startups providing innovative sustainability solutions.
Europese wolf in Polen
20 May 2019
As wolves re-establish themselves in the Netherlands, researchers put forward recommendations for protecting wolves and preventing them from attacking livestock
16 May 2019
UU/PBL researcher Mathijs Harmsen investigated how low cost mitigation strategies to reduce non-CO2 emissions could contribute to global climate goals.
Een lege Tweede Kamer
15 May 2019
Five Utrecht University researchers have taken part in the Dutch House of Representatives’ round-table discussions about among others energy transition.