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18 September 2019
What do you do when an invasive but very pretty plant with pink flowers takes over? For her PhD at Utrecht University Jetske Vaas investigated.
Foto: hroe via iStock
11 September 2019
Utrecht University researchers Julian Kirchherr and Ralf van Santen have identified five barriers in putting circular economy research into practice.
Business Incubation
10 September 2019
Chris Eveleens focused his PhD research on the structural contribution of business incubation to the performance of startups.
Zandzakken tegen overstroming van een straat in Praag
9 September 2019
Romy Brockhoff wrote a bachelor thesis on the governance arrangements for rain induced floods in Utrecht.
4 September 2019
To support newly emerging topics, research themes and impact events, different objectives are eligible for funding through the Acceleration Grant Scheme.