complex protein structure calculated with the M3 Framework
18 August 2017
Easier decoding of unknown protein complexes
15 August 2017
This book argues that the ability to adapt, innovate and learn from the past is crucial for the success of intelligence organizations. Co-edited by Eleni Braat.
StratoClim project - research aircraft M55 Geophysica
1 August 2017
Climate researcher Thomas Röckmann investigates air at altitudes up to 20 km




29 August 2017 14:30 - 15:45
On 29 August Mária Vasiľová will defend her PhD thesis in which she analyses reflexivization in seven languages focusing on the role of the morpheme -self.
Academiegebouw van de Universiteit Utrecht
29 August 2017 16:15 - 17:15
PhD Defence of K.T.E. Kleijer
Academiegebouw van de Universiteit Utrecht
31 August 2017 10:30 - 11:30
PhD Defence of Ingeborg van der Meulen - de Goeij


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