We are working towards a better world. We do this by researching complex issues beyond the borders of disciplines.

How we are working towards a better world

  • Meisje met koptelefoon

    Happy youth

    How can we help our children to develop into well-balanced individuals - in a fast changing environment?
    Dynamics of Youth
  • Crossroads respresenting unwritten and written traffic rules

    Open and flourishing societies

    How do institutions, the formal and informal rules of human interaction, contribute to the formation and flourishment of open societies?
    Institutions for Open Societies
  • A healthy future

    We innovate in sustainable human, veterinary and plant health and resilience.
    Life Sciences
  • Transition towards a more sustainable world

    What is needed to enable the transition towards a more sustainable society?
    Pathways to sustainability

Facts and figures

  • Cijfer 4

    Our interdisciplinary research targets 4 themes that touch upon large societal challenges

  • Seven

    Our 7 faculties collectively cover the entire scientific spectrum of research

  • Our 5 focus areas are testing grounds in which we connect fundamental research to societal tasks

  • We conduct cutting edge research into over 130 different areas

Working together in research

  • Overleg

    Increasing labour market participation

    What is the best way to guide people on social assistance towards participation or paid work? Researchers from Utrecht University followed social assistance claimants in Utrecht and Zeist for sixteen months.
    Knowing what works
  • Guido van den Ackerveken with plants in lab

    Resilient crops

    New resilient crops are better suited to cope with the effects of climate change, and require less pesticides. The CropXR institute aims to develop methods for cultivating and sharing these crop varieties.
    Sustainable agriculture
  • plastinaat van een ontleedde rat

    Animal-free science next level

    Utrecht University students can now virtually explore every layer of the anatomy of animals using holograms. Smart innovations take our science to the next level, while reducing or replacing animal testing.
    Animal-free science
  • AI in research and teaching

    AI plays an increasingly important role across all the faculties and strategic themes. The website Data Science & AI is a central starting point.
    Data Science & AI

Sustainable Development Goals: Our research compass

World goals for sustainable development