6 March 2019

Water, Climate & Future Deltas seed money call

Researchers, stakeholders, and other interested parties can submit a proposal for a small project that fits within the scope of Water, Climate & Future Deltas (WCFD), one of the research hubs of Pathways to Sustainability.

Researchers can apply for funding to support pilot projects contributing to the transdisciplinary goals of the Water, Climate & Future Deltas hub e.g. scientific publications, research proposals, workshops, and societal engagement activities.

Pathways to Sustainability conference
Interactive session at the Pathways to Sustainability conference 2019 organised by the hub.


Proposals should meet the following criteria:

1. The proposal must fit the scope of WCFD and one of its three main research lines:
      A: global external drivers of change
      B: delta system functioning
      C: designing and developing pathways
2. The proposal should be innovative and have a high potential to generate future research funding.
3. The main applicant should be affiliated to the Faculty of Geosciences, Faculty of Science, or Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance of Utrecht University.
4. One of the applicants should be affiliated to the Faculty of Geosciences.
5. The maximum budget to apply for is €20,000 (equivalent of a postdoc position for three months).
6. There should be one or more clear deliverable(s).
7. We encourage interdisciplinary proposals submitted by researchers from different Utrecht University departments. Monodisciplinary proposals can be submitted if they clearly contribute to the overall objectives of the hub.
8. We encourage collaboration with external parties.
9. We encourage activities or projects that include a societal engagement activity. Priority audiences for Water, Climate & Future Deltas include: policy makers, politicians, academics, knowledge institutes, and the media, aiming at a wide range of audiences including those mentioned above and people who live in potentially affected areas.


Applicants should use the seed-funding application form. Please submit proposals to wcfd@uu.nl.

Review procedure

The proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary committee. The committee will review the proposals within a month after the submission deadline of 29 March 2019.


The total budget of the 2019 Future Deltas seed-funding call is €140,000.