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Privacy statement

The privacy statement of Utrecht University informs the visitor to the website on what privacy-sensitive data is collected for which purposes in accordance with the GDPR. It also indicates how the personal data is accessed, edited and, if possible, can be removed.

Accessibility statement

Utrecht University strives to make its own online information and provided services accessible. The accessibility statement indicates to what degree Utrecht University has progressed in optimising the digital accessibility of its websites.


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Corona policy

Utrecht University has an extensive corona policy to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch National Government in this and do our very best to provide education, research and the ability to work (possibly from home) as optimally as possible.

Translation tools

The original text of the website (on both the Dutch and English sections of the site) shows the information Utrecht University wants to share. Translations generated by using automated services such as Google Translate can add other, possibly unintentional meanings to the original text. Utrecht University is not responsible for any texts translated by third parties.

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General terms and conditions

The Executive Board of Utrecht University has set General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for agreements with suppliers and customers.

Possibility to respond

We do our very best to handle the information provided to us with care and integrity, and we also devote ourselves to presenting the provided information as accurately, fully and up to date as possible. Should you still find any information that is incorrect, incomplete or outdated, we would love to hear that via corporatesite@uu.nl.