Governance Projects

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Ongoing projects

Data purchasing by governments in the context of societal challenges: A mapping study (2023-2024)

Creating an evidence base on when, how, for what purposes, and with what implications the Dutch authorities resort to purchasing data from the private sector for decision-making around societal challenges. More.

Water-Energy-Food communities in South Africa: multi-actor nexus governance for social justice?

This transdisclinary project explores whether and under what conditions the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus approach increases social justice in South Africa. More.

BACKLASH (2021-2026)

ERC-funded Climate Backlash: Contentious reactions to policy action (BACKLASH) studies the emergence and dynamics of volatile social-political reactions to climate policy. More.


ERC-funded PROBLEMSHIFTING investigates the causes and effects of problem-shifting between international environmental treaty regimes, with a view to improving their overall effectiveness. More.

GLOBALGOALS (2018-2023)

ERC-funded GlobalGoals analyses the evolution, effectiveness and future prospects of ‘global governance through goals’ as a central novel steering mechanism in world politics. More.