Sustainable Land Projects

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Ongoing projects

RESILIENCE (2023-2029)

The aim of RESILIENCE is to fundamentally advance our understanding and predictions of tipping and critical transitions in ecosystems and reveal how these can be evaded and even reversed through spatial pattern formation. More.

ESCIB (2024-2028)

ESCIB will develop a robust method to assess the environmental sustainability and circularity of bio-based systems, taking into account spatial-explicit environmental impacts and temporal-explicit circularity measurements. More.

ECO-MIND (2024-2027)

Enhancing pro-environmental behaviours and mental health through nature contact for urban youth: A multi-country study using geographic ecological momentary assessment and mental models. More.

Re-NbS (2023-2027)

Redefining nature-based solutions (NbS) using ecological and governance perspectives, to unravel ecological and governance potentials and limits of NbS in Indonesia and to redefine the concept to ensure resilience and sustainability. More.

Social-ecological histories (2022-2027)

This project aims to assess how social-ecological legacy effects following land-use change shape present-day human-mammal interactions, using a case-study in the Western Carpathian Mountains. More.

BmB (2022-2026)

BmB - Bouwen met Biobouwers (Building with Ecosystem Engineers) aims to develop a method to restore oyster and mussel beds with biodegradable structures with 3D-printing techniques. More.

PICASSO (2021-2025)

This project aims to identify transformation processes needed for achieving a large set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and key synergies and trade-offs among SDG indicators. More.