Innovation Studies Section


The Innovation Studies Group is a multidisciplinary research and teaching group that strives to understand and communicate the dynamics of emerging technologies and innovations that are relevant for addressing societal problems.

We study innovation processes related to significant societal problems like climate change, non-sustainable energy provision, non-sustainable transportation systems or the increasing costs of healthcare.

A special focus on emerging technologies

We are especially interested in innovations related to technologies in an early stage of development. These so-called ‘emerging technologies’ are characterized by large technological, economic and societal uncertainties, by a wide variety of visions and expectations and by very volatile innovation dynamics.

  • Sustainable energy technologies
  • Sustainable transportation technologies
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Medical biotechnology

Multidisciplinary research and teaching

The Innovation Studies Group is a multidisciplinary research and teaching group with researchers from backgrounds like natural science, economics, social geography, political sciences, computational sciences, sociology, and philosophy.

Head of Section