Call for abstracts: Tropical Horizons 2024

Are you interested in the theme of sustainability in ecosystems, resources and innovations? During the “Tropical Horizons: Advancing Sustainability in Agriculture, Environment, and Technology” conference, we will delve into different aspects of this theme. The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology invite you to contribute to the conference.

Image of a tropical climate: you can see trees in front of a mountain.
Kilimanjaro mountain, Tanzania

Tropical ecosystems host an incredible array of biodiversity found in diverse habitats that exist in contrasting land use types. Aside from their inherent ecological value, these ecosystems and their biodiversity also provide significant ecosystem goods and services promoting economic and other livelihood opportunities. Despite these major benefits for humans in the form of ecosystem goods and services, ecosystem and landscape degradation by human activity and changes in land-use, climate and population do compromise their ecological functioning.

Using multiple lines of evidence and drawing on collective experience from multidisciplinary research works focused on the tropical landscapes, we find that it is such a high time we come together in a platform to identify the major challenges and opportunities for translating research from these landscapes into better-informed choices by individuals and policy-makers. This way, we expect that the dialogues and discussions in this conference will in turn provide a roadmap that can support transformation of tropical landscapes to a sustainable future especially across their vast network of degraded ecosystems. We therefore invite and call upon conference participants to discuss together and find potential pathways to overcome these challenges including e providing targeted options that may include for dissemination and outreach, and facilitate collaboration and coordination across different sites in ways that will realize sustainability and resilience of these ecosystems.

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Call for abstracts

The conference aims to resent and discuss environmental and societal-associated drivers of within-and between-ecosystem change at landscape/catchment level as an important platform to build on useful resources needed for dialogue on environmental resource management and inform pathways to desirable and sustainable future changes. This will hopefully increase awareness of the importance of interdisciplinary evidence in promoting sustainable management of ecosystems a key for facilitating sustainable ecosystem functions and provision of services.

The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology has set out a call for abstracts for workshops, posters and full papers that will be published in international peer reviewed journals. At this conference, it is possible to submit an abstract for contributions for paper and poster presentations. The deadline for the call for abstracts is April 1st, 2024.

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You can find the detailed description of the call for abstracts here. For detailed information of the sub-themes, see here. If you have any further questions, i.e. about submissions of abstracts for oral/poster presentations and full papers, you can contact the organisation through!