The Bottom-up Literature Review

The bottom-up initiatives platform bring together scholars from different backgrounds, such as entrepreneurship, social movements, or citizen initiatives. Each of these fields have their own theoretical assumptions, concepts and ways of doing research. There is are likely many overlaps, but also differences. To make the platform successful, it is critical that we develop a common language, and that we learn from each other. 

For that reason we propose to write a (systematic) literature review that compares the most important literature streams in the platform, and finds the commonalties and differences. This could be an input for developing a shared research agenda, and facilitates cross pollination across the different disciplines of the platform. 

We are looking for members in the platform who are interested in helping to write such a review, for example by identifying relevant literature, search terms, categories to compare findings on, possibly coding, and writing.  We will organize a match making workshop, and see if we can find a group of motivated researchers that the platform can support. 

If you would like to participate in or receive more information about the literature review, please email the platform at