Highly Cited Researchers

The Web of Science list of the most highly cited researchers has been published again, and this year’s edition features 26 researchers from Utrecht (the highest-scoring university in the Netherlands), including eight from the faculty Geosciences.

Inclusion in the list is based on the number of citations, which of course is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of the work, but it does indicate that your work is used by other scientists. What makes this year’s list especially unique is that Professor Detlef van Vuuren (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development) is one of only nine researchers in the world to be listed in three fields. Other faculty Geosciences staff listed include Dr Rens van Beek (Physical Geography), Professor Marc Bierkens (Physical Geography), Professor Ron Boschma (Human Geography and Spatial Planning), Professor Harriet Bulkeley (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development), Dr Kees Klein Goldewijk (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development), Professor Bernhard Truffer (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development/Human Geography and Spatial Planning) and Dr Yoshihide Wada (Physical Geography).