4 September 2019

Pathways to Sustainability Acceleration Grant Scheme now open for proposals

'Join us for a faster pace'. Credit: iStock/Piotr Krzeslak

With the strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability, Utrecht University aims to encourage the cooperation between scholars of different disciplines ranging from the social sciences, life sciences and natural sciences to the humanities. We do so based on a strong conviction that we need to create original entry points in order to identify and explore new pathways to a sustainable future.

To support newly emerging topics, research themes and impact events, Pathways to Sustainability offers a diversified Acceleration Grant Scheme in which different objectives are eligible for funding:

  1. Transformative research proposals with stakeholder involvement
  2. Visiting scientist for complementary expertise
  3. Education towards sustainability leadership development
  4. Network meetings for community building and impact

The deadline for applications on all Acceleration Grant actions is 18 October 2019.