29 November 2018

TEDx Talk

“From despair to hope, or how I learned to love action in our climate crisis”

On 17th November 2018 Dr Sander Chan gave a TEDx Talk in Bonn about how we can move from despair about climate change towards action. In his talk, Sander discusses the enormous groundswell of climate action by all types of actors beyond the State. He urges all to engage in climate action to break free from despair and the seeming inevitability of a climate catastrophe.

 Sander Chan is a political scientist at the German Development Institute (DIE) and adjunct assistant professor at Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. He is an advocate for global governance towards a greener, fairer and resilient future for all. He currently conducts research on the role of networks, non-state and local actors in global sustainability and climate change governance. Sander is also standing in the upcoming European Parliament elections for Dutch green party GroenLinks.