As student, employee or grant PhD you can join a representative advisory body to discuss the university-wide issues that form the focus of the strategy of both our university and your faculty or service department. During the elections you can put yourself forward as a candidate for the University Council or your own Faculty Council or Employees’ Consultative Body. Students and staff vote to determine who they wish to represent them.  

When are the elections?

Every year the Central Electoral Office organises elections for the student seats in the University Council. And every two years for the staff seats. The last elections for the student and staff seats were held from Monday 8 till Wednesday 10 May 2023.

Elections for the Faculty Councils and Employees’ Consultative Bodies

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Elections for the University Council

Election results: New council members of the university council announced

The votes have been counted and the results are here! From 8-10 May, nearly 5,000 students (14.1%) and over 2,000 staff members (27.2%) cast their votes for the University Council candidate of their choice.

The following students (12) and staff (12) will be the new members of the University Council as from 1 September 2023.  


1.    Lijst VUUR (total: 2599 votes)

StudentNumber of votes
1. T. (Teresa) Pappalardo, Humanities    345
2. J.M. (Julia) Waterval, Law, Economics & Governance        202
3. J. (Jonathan) Koelewijn, Humanities        36
4. S. (Saban) Çaliskan, Science223
5. M.J.L.E. (Matias) Edelstein, Humanities  38
6. C.N. (Casper) Bruijning, Sciences               110
7. C.M.F. (Claire) Bruls, Social and Behavioural Sciences134

2. Partij voor de Utrechtse Student (total: 2189 votes)

StudentNumber of votes
1. L.H. (Lieke) van Zijl, Law, Economics & Governance        259
2. D.H.M. (Derk) Droppert, Law, Economics & Governance        146
3. C.H.C. (Stan) Janse, Law, Economics & Governance        164
4. H.A.V. (Helen) van Roij, Humanities        210
5. S.J.J. (Saar) van der Horst, Humanities        206

Total number of students on the electoral roll: 35281

Total number of students who voted: 4985 = 14.1%


Subdistrict Humanities/Law, Economics and Governance/Geosciences/Social and Behavioural Sciences/Utrecht University College

1. Lijst Vlam (1075 votes)
EmployeeNumber of votes
1. E.C. (Eleni) Braat, Humanities      355
2. B.A.M. (Bernadette) van de Rijt, Social and Behavioural Sciences278
3. F.H. (Frank) van der Salm, Law, Economics & Governance191
4. E.M. (Erwin) van Sas, University College Utrecht113
5. E. (Elvan) Ibicoglu, Social and Behavioural Sciences138

Subdistrict Science/Veterinary Medicine

1. Utrecht PhD Party (UPP) (410 votes)
EmployeeNumber of votes
1. J.W.H. (Jan-Willem) Langenbach, Science           98
2. H. (Hao) Zhang, Science                  102
2. Lijst VLAM (384 votes)
EmployeeNumber of votes
1. G.E. (Gert) Folkers, Science 258
2. G.A. (Gerhard) Blab, Science126

Subdistrict Support and administrative staff

1. Lijst VLAM
  1. V. (Valéry) Oude Groen-van Rijswijk, University Corporate Offices
  2. N.C.M. (Natash) Snel, Science

Subdistrict Faculty of Medicine

The election for this seat is organised by the Election Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. There was one candidate who was declared directly elected:

1.    E. (Erna) van Wilsem, Medicine

Total number of staff on the electoral roll: 8024

Total number of staff who voted: 2183 = 27,2%


What is the schedule?

For the elections of 2023 the schedule is as follows:

7 March – 6 April 2023Electoral register check
7 March – 6 April 2023Submit candidate forms and consent forms
17 April 2023Announcement of candidate lists, this will take place, because of the University Council, from 13.30-14.00 in a public meeting in the Matthias Jorissen room. 
8 – 10 May 2023 (23:59)Elections
12 May 2023Results of elections

More information

Do you want more information about the elections? Read the regulations or contact the secretary to the Central Electoral Office, Anne Marie Partridge