As student, employee or grant PhD you can join a representative advisory body to discuss the university-wide issues that form the focus of the strategy of both our university and your faculty or service department. During the elections you can put yourself forward as a candidate for the University Council or your own Faculty Council or Employees’ Consultative Body. Students and staff vote to determine who they wish to represent them.  

From 13 to 15 May 2024, the elections for the Representative Councils took place. This year students voted for their University Council and Faculty Councils. 

Elections for the University Council

Election results: New council members of the university council announced  

The votes have been counted and the results are here! From 13-15 May, more than 6,000 students (18%) cast their votes for the University Council candidate of their choice.   

The following students (12) new members of the University Council as from 1 September 2024.    


1. Lijst VUUR (total: 2806 votes)  

Student Number of votes 
1. L.M.H. (Lieke) Fokker, Humanities687
2. S. (Saban) Caliskan, Science471
3. S.N.C. (Sven) Elbers, Humanities59
4. L.W. (Leonie) Gerth, Social and Behavioural Sciences169
5. K.T. (Koko) Byalkov, Humanities146

2. Partij voor de Utrechtse Student (total: 2345 votes)  

StudentNumber of votes  
1. S.E.M. (Sammie) Verhoeven, Humanities214
2. K. (Kai) van Willigen, Social and Behavioural Sciences 223  
3. F.O. (Orlando) Weering, Humanities57  
4. J.C. (Anne) Minjon, Humanities172 
5. P.E. (Pien) van der Meij, Law, Economics and Governance 270 

3.Better Living For Students (total: 77 votes) 
This party did not obtain any seats. 

4. Vrijmoedige StudentenPartij (total: 983 votes)  

StudentNumber of votes
L.L.B.A. (Lloyd-Leonard) Opdam, Law, Economics and Governance359  
S.F. (Sven) Hospers, Law, Economics and Governance 78  78  

Total number of students on the electoral roll: 35919  
Total number of students who voted: 6460 = 18%  


What is the schedule?

For the elections of 2024 the schedule is as follows:

7 March – 11 April 2024Electoral register check
7 March – 11 April 2024Submit candidate forms and consent forms
11 March 2024Mailing to students: check the electoral register
23 April 2024Announcement of candidate lists 
13 – 15 May 2024 (23:59)Elections
17 May 2024

Results of elections
(Westerdijkkamer, AG, 16.30 hours)

More information

Do you want more information about the elections? Have a look at the frequently asked questions, read the regulations or contact the secretary to the Central Electoral Office, Anne Marie Partridge