University Council

Universiteitsraad 2019-2020
University Council 2019-2020

The University Council promotes the interests of all employees and students with the Executive Board of Utrecht University. As a regular discussion partner for the Board, the council contributes greatly to the course of the university as a whole, as well as the state of affairs within the university. 


The University Council is made up of twelve members of staff and twelve students from all faculties and support services. Every year, students elect new representatives, while members of staff do the same once every two years.

Right of consent and right to be consulted

The University Council consults with the Executive Board regarding University-wide policy on teaching, research, finances and human resources. The Council provides the Board with solicited and unsolicited advice, and has the right of consent in certain matters. 

Memorandums, documents and agendas

At the beginning of each academic year, the University Council determines its main priority areas. These are the policy issues that the Council wants to put on the agenda for its discussions with the Board. 

  • The University Council consults and negotiates with the Executive Board in Council and committee meetings. Soon, the schedule of the public meetings in 2019-2020 will be published here. Please check at the secretariat (phone 030-253 8898 / 4355 / 9148) whether there are any changes in date, time or location.
  • The agendas, reports and related documents of council meetings, along with memorandums that were written by the University Council, can be found on the Teamsite (log in with or, and again with the same email address and your Solis password). If you have any questions about these documents, then please read the regulations or contact one of the University Council's secretaries, Anne-Marie Partridge or Trudelien van 't Hof.


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Visiting address

Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht

Postal address

Administration building, 5th floor
P.O. Box 80125
3508 TC Utrecht