The University Labour Representation Board

Top-level consultations between employer and employees

The University Labour Representation Board is the central council of employer (Executive Board) and employees. The Executive Board is represented by the President of the Executive Board and the Director of Human Resources. The employees are represented by four employee organisations (unions), which each have the right to appoint two members in the University Labour Representation Board.

Binding agreements

The University Labour Representation Board makes binding agreements, by agreement of the parties, about the legal status and work conditions of staff, in so far as they are not laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.

The University Labour Representation Board meets approximately six times a year. The meetings are not open to the public.

The following members have a seat on the board on behalf of the unions:


  • Ms M. Korolczuk (FNV Director)
  • Mr P. ter Veld (spokesman)
  • Mr. R.S. Oosting (member)
  • Ms S. Blackwell (substitute member) 

CNV Connectief

  • Ms N. Heuwer (Director CNV Connective) 
  • Mr M.J. van Steenbergen (member)
  • Mr. G. van Schie (member)


  • Mr D.O. Pechler (Director AOb) 
  • Mr ing. R.C. Cox (member)
  • Mr ing J.B. van den Dikkenberg (member)
  • Mr. D. Jansen (substitute member)


  • Mr. R. Barendse (director AC/FBZ)

Want to know more?

Please contact the secretaries Anne Marie PartridgeSabine Bosveld or with the Director of Human Resources: Aletta Huizenga.