Social safety

Utrecht University (UU) aims to provide a pleasant and safe study and working environment for all students and staff. We treat each other with respect. Social safety is a theme that requires constant attention, from all of us. If we work together to create a socially safe UU, we can prevent the continuation and normalisation of inappropriate behaviour. 

    Rules and agreements

    UU has several regulations that contain rules, guidelines and agreements on (in)appropriate behaviour. In the Code of Conduct you can read which guidelines for behaviour and reflection we maintain for students and staff. In the Code of Conduct for Preventing and Combating Inappropriate Behaviour, you can read about the specific agreements we have made on (in)appropriate behaviour, and in the Procedural Policy for Notifications and Complaints Regarding Violations of Interpersonal Integrity you can read about what we do if things go wrong. These regulations will be updated soon after approval by the representative councils.