Professional development

Motivated, committed and professional members of staff are crucial to the realisation of the university’s ambitions. Staff members must be responsible for their own professional development and career plan and the university is happy to support them in this. Employees are given the opportunity to follow courses and trainings, to apply for other jobs within the university or to be temporarily transferred to get to know other positions or tasks.

Development tracks

We distinguish three 'development tracks' for our employees:

  • Specialisation – aimed at acquiring further in-depth expertise in order to better perform within the present position.
  • Broadening your horizon – aimed at further development by looking across the ‘borders’ of  the present position, e.g. by taking up new tasks, temporarily working in another position or on internal projects.
  • Change – aimed at further development in order to take a concrete step in your career, e.g. to fulfil the same position in another department or to be promoted to another or higher position.

All development resources for academic and support staff can be found on the portal UU Development Guide (log-in with Solis-id). 

Career development of academic staff

  • Lecturers are offered various development programmes, including the chance to obtain a Basic Teaching Qualification or a Senior Teaching Qualification.
  • Scientists who have been awarded the Basic Teaching Qualification may participate in the development programmes of the Center of Excellence in University Teaching: Educational Leadership, a Master Class in University Teaching in English, and a Master Class in Quality Assurance.
  • The Academic Leadership programme offers training to academic managers, professors, and prospective academic leaders.

Career development of management and support staff 

  • Managers are offered a management development programme.
  • Talented management and support staff with potential leadership skills and the capacity to take up diverse management and policy positions, are offered a customised development track, the so-called ‘talented management and support staff network’ (netwerk OBP-talent).