Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the employees’ (and students') consultative body for staff and students of the faculty. The Faculty Council is authorised to consult with the dean about all faculty-related matters. In some important decisions of the dean, such as the adoption of the faculty regulations and the education and examination regulations, the council has the right of consent.

One half of the Faculty Council consists of students and the other half consists of employees. The number of members may vary per faculty. The staff members in the Faculty Council have the same powers as their colleagues in the employees' consultative bodies. You can find more information in the explanation and guidelines for Faculty Electoral Regulations.

The duties, powers and procedures of the Faculty Council are described in the faculty regulations, which are adopted per faculty and thus may vary per faculty. The faculty regulations are based on the Higher Education and Research Act (in Dutch).

Also see the powers of faculty councils in Guideline Model Faculty Regulations (pdf in Dutch).

For more information, please contact the Faculty Councils: