Faculty Council

The participation in de Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance is regulated by the Faculty Council. In addition to the Faculty Council, the faculty has various programme committees. The programme committee is an advisory and consultative body, in which all educational matters (including the course evaluations) are discussed.

The Faculty Council represents the interests of the students and staff members of the faculty Law, Economics and Governance. The members of the Faculty Council are selected by yearly elections.

Activities of the Faculty Council

The Faculty Council and Faculty Board meet approximately once a month. The Council has three main rights: the right to advice, to approve and of initiative. By asking critical questions and providing the Board with new insights and different perspectives, the Council ensures that the Board remains at the top of their game.

During these meetings, topics are discussed like the faculty's finances, Education and Examination Regulations (OER), internationalization of the faculty, diversity, staff policies, facilities and much more. 

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings, feel free to do so (REBO_Faculteitsraad@uu.nl). Our meetings are public, and therefore accessible to everybody. Please note that our meetings will be held in Dutch.

Chair Faculty Council

Members Faculty Council 2017-2018


School of Law:

  • Sanne Akerboom
  • Herman Kaspar Gilissen
  • Pauline Jacobs
  • Ingrid Koning
  • Rozemarijn van Spaendonck

School of Economics:

  • Philip Fliers
  • Jacob Jordaan
  • Frans Pieter Sprik

School of Governance:

  • Jasmijn van Harten
  • Erna Ruijer
  • Miranda Walraven


School of Law:

  • Daniela Chilkevitsh
  • Lotus Ho
  • Richard van Riessen
  • Carlijn van Schijndel
  • Gijs Timmermans
  • Jostijn der Weduwe

School of Economics:

  • Mallory Bellairs
  • Emily Koopman
  • Henk van Voorst

School of Governance:

  • Sjoerd van den Brink
  • Marieke Pechtold
  • Jeroen van Velzen