Finance, Control & Administration

Finance, Control & Administration (FCA) supports the Executive Board and the faculties in maintaining healthy financial foundations, focused on optimal space in facilitating innovation in education and research.

The FCA is responsible for the process of the planning and control cycle, efficient administrative operations and a uniform method in the field of administrative organisation. The result is reliable financial management information and a guarantee that statutory regulations are complied with.

Contact information

Director FCA

drs. Kees-Jan Groen MA

Secretariat FCA

Annemarie Savidis
Phone number: +31 6 34 19 69 61


Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands

Accounting Services (ASC)

The Accounting Services (Dutch name: Administratief Service Centrum, ASC) of Utrecht University provides a broad range of administrative services to the entire university.

The ASC has three main subdepartments:

  • financial accounting, which takes care of all administrative work for the concern and all university departments;
  • Personnel and Payroll Administration(PSA), which takes care of the registration of staff transactions and the salary payments for approximately 7,000 employees;
  • Central Student Administration (CSa), which takes care of the enrolments of the approximately 30,000 students at UU.

Contact information

Manager ASC

Rocco Janssen

Secretariat ASC

Jolanda van Ekeris
Phone number: +31 6 34 14 66 85

Postal address ASC

Administratief Service Centrum
Postbus 80011
3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Invoice address Utrecht University


Utrecht University only accepts digital invoices stating correct reference numbers (SAP order numbers or WBS numbers).

Information Desk Personnel and Payroll Administration (PSA)

Phone number: +31 30 253 32 25