Utrecht University in rankings

Since 2003, international rankings compare universities from all over the world. Together, all rankings provide an indication of a university's achievements. What do they say about Utrecht University?


What does Utrecht University score with in the international rankings?

Most worldwide rankings primarily look at research. The number and the importance of scientific publications are crucial factors, as are 'Highly cited researchers': researchers who belong to the 1 % most-cited scientists.


The ranking bureaus also look at specific fields of expertise. Below, you can find some of the rankings in which Utrecht University receives good scores.

Utrecht University connects these and other fields of expertise in interdisciplinary research themes. Within these strategic themes, researchers from various fields collaborate with each other, with social partners and with corporations. In doing so, they are looking for sustainable solutions to the challenges of this generation and future generations.


Besides the worldwide rankings that look at research, the Netherlands also have a number of education rankings. These look at specific degree programmes and at student satisfaction, among other things. In that regard, Utrecht University is a powerful player in the field of innovation and interdisciplinarity. In these rankings, Utrecht University is usually in the top 3.