Expense claim form for external parties (non Solis-id)

Non-staff without a Solis-id may claim expenses. This expense claim form is aimed at natural persons who are not employed by Utrecht University, who do not have a Solis-id and who are not self-employed.

Expense claim form Utrecht University
Privacy statement declaration form for external parties

The contact person for the Division or Faculty will provide the expense claimant with the WBS element that the expenses must be charged to. The claimant will also need the contact person’s email address, which is to be entered on the form.

Some of the types of expenses that may be claimed:

  • Expense types
  • Other staff recruitment expenses
  • Guest speaker fees (one-time; half-day)
  • Monographs / Books
  • PhD dissertations
  • Research subject fees
  • Domestic travel and accommodation expenses
  • Kilometre expenses
  • Foreign travel and accommodation expenses
  • Conference and seminar participation expenses
  • Printing and reproduction expenses
  • Food and drinks
  • Training

Proof of expenses must be attached (PDF, JPG, PNG, WORD and EXCEL documents are permissible). No proof is required to claim kilometre expenses.

Information for suppliers

Helpful documents such as invoice requirements and purchasing conditions, FAQ and chatbot Max can be found on the page Information for suppliers.