Centre for Science and Culture

The Centre for Science and Culture is the central meeting place of Utrecht University for academic research, culture and society. 

With activities and expertise in the field of science communication and science education, culture, and self-cultivation and formation, the Centre for Science and Culture contributes to the profile and ambitions of Utrecht University for education, research and societal impact. Of key importance here are public engagement and the formation of students. The Centre consists of the following parts:

Programme Office

kinderen kijken door een zelfgemaakte spectroscoop naar verschillende soorten lampen
Weekend van de Wetenschap 2021

The Programme Office drives public engagement at Utrecht University and employs creatives who work with researchers and others to make engaged programmes and activities for different audiences. Among others, it realises the programmes of the Science Hub, Studium Generale and Betweter Festival (website in Dutch).

Museum for curious people

The new UMU

The new UMU (Utrecht University Museum) is the museum for everyone who is curious. In this renewed family museum, you get a peek under the bonnet of science and become a researcher yourself.

In five new exhibition rooms, you will be introduced to scientific research at Utrecht University, past and present. You will engage in challenging research activities and discover how to conduct research. You can design a heart-lung machine, study the behaviour of monkeys and humans, experiment with an air pump or take part in a research workshop. 

Parnassos Cultural Centre

Afro Dance Contemporary at Parnassos Cultural Centre

Parnassos Cultural Centre is the cultural centre of Utrecht University. At Parnassos you can attend courses and workshops, visit concerts, and use facilities on offer. It is a breeding ground for those looking to broaden their formation and education.

Parnassos challenges, stimulates experiment, and allows you to develop your talents and experience culture. In doing so, Parnassos contributes to the formation and development of academic skills of Utrecht University students, staff, alumni and others.

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