Employees' consultative body

The university's Service Departments have employees' consultative bodies: a type of employees’ council for university employees. The employees' consultative bodies consist of elected representatives of staff members. The employees' consultative bodies have right to prior consultation, right to consent and right to propose legislation concerning:

  • the manner in which the work and employment conditions are applied in the departments;
  • the manner in which the general personnel policy is organised and applied in the departments;
  • matters concerning safety, health and welfare in connection with work in the departments;
  • the reorganisation of and the method of working within the departments;
  • the technical and economic work performance in the departments.

Overview of employees' consultative bodies 2019-2021

Information about the different employees' consultative bodies can be obtained from the following contact persons.

Employees' consultative body of the University Library

Contact: library.dienstraad@uu.nl

Employees' consultative body of University Administration

Contact: DienstraadUBD-info@uu.nl