Employees' consultative body

Employees' consultative bodies are employee participation bodies of Utrecht University and function like works councils. They consist of elected staff representatives. The powers of the employees' consultative bodies are similar to those of the staff section in the Faculty Council. The work method of the employees' consultative bodies is laid down in the employees' consultative bodies regulations (pdf). Members of the employees' consultative body are elected for a two-year term, starting on 1 September.

Important topics for the employees' consultative body are:

  • working and service conditions;
  • general staff policy;
  • safety, health and welfare in relation to work;
  • organisation and working methods;
  • organisational changes (including reorganisations);
  • technical and economic service performance.

The meetings are normally open to the public, except for subjects that require confidentiality. You are always welcome to attend the meetings as an observer. It is advisable to register in advance with the employees' consultative body, so that you are informed in a timely manner of any changes in time or location, and so that you can receive the link in case of an online meeting. Check the documents of the meetings on the teamsite of the employee and student representation. Information on the seperate employees's consultative bodies can be obtained from the contact persons listed below.

Employees' consultative body of the University Library

The Employees' consultative body of the University Library consists of maximum 7 members. In addition to the topics listed above, we are of course open to signals from our colleagues.

Contact: library.dienstraad@uu.nl

Members employees' consultative body University Library 2021-2023

Employees' consultative body Corporate Office

The employees' consultative body Corporate Office consists of maximum 9 members. For more information about the employee's consultative body of the Corporate Office, check the intranet.

Contact: DienstraadUBD-info@uu.nl