Smoke-free UU premises

Bord rookvrij terrein

Smoke-free UU premises

As of 1 January 2021, the UU premises is legally required to be smoke-free and the government will enforce it. The UU and HU will also be enforcing the grounds in accordance with the legal obligation. In December 2020, the current smoking facilities will be removed and signs and tiles with "smoke-free premises" will be placed there.

  • In the city centre, all inner gardens and squares of the university buildings will be smoke-free (see map). For buildings adjacent to municipal land, no smoking is allowed within seven metres of the exit. The grounds of the International Campus Utrecht are also smoke-free. 
  • In the Utrecht Science Park, the area where the buildings of Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences are located and the area in between are non-smoking. The Botanical Gardens, Olympos Sports Centre and the area in between are also non-smoking (see map). The UMC Utrecht, Central Military Hospital, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital and Princess Maxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology have been smoke-free since 2018 and the tram platforms will bee smoke-free since 3 January.

The UU also wishes to make an end to the annoyance of cigarette butts, which many people find a nuisance. Also because of sustainability reasons, because it takes up to eighteen months for a butt to break off. Of course, the choice to smoke remains the students’ and employees’ own responsibility. Students and employees who want to quit smoking can contact their doctor or check online resources. 

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