Bord rookvrij terrein

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is preparing legislation to make the premises of educational institutions smoke-free as from 1 August 2020. A general administrative regulation (AMvB) has been drawn up for this purpose. The Council of Ministers have agreed with State Secretary Blokhuis’ proposal which will now be put forward to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

This regulation, which also applies to universities, is in line with the university’s ambition to offer its employees a healthy environment. That is why it already started making part of its premises smoke-free in 2019, using pilots to test what works and what does not. These pilots are on the Leuvenplein and on the premises of the University Library in the city centre. For university buildings bordering on municipal territory, the rule is that you can smoke when standing at least seven meters away from the entrance/exit of a building. The university wishes to protect non-smokers against smoke nuisance and passive smoking more than it does now.

The UU also wishes to make an end to the annoyance of cigarette butts, which many people find a nuisance. Also because of sustainibility reasons, because it takes up to eighteen months for a butt to break off. Of course, the choice to smoke remains the students’ and employees’ own responsibility. The UU offers various types of support for students and employees if they want to quit smoking. 

With its smoke-free premises, the university will join the social support for smoke-free initiatives. Read more about the smoke-free premises

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