UMU (Utrecht University Museum)

Kinderen nemen een kijkje in de zaal Kijk, wij dieren!

The new UMU (Utrecht University Museum) is the museum for everyone who is curious. In this renewed family museum, you get a peek under the bonnet of science and become a researcher yourself.

Museum for curious people

In five new exhibition rooms, you will be introduced to scientific research at Utrecht University, past and present. You will engage in challenging research activities and discover how to conduct research. You can design a heart-lung machine, study the behaviour of monkeys and humans, experiment with an air pump or take part in a research workshop.  


Can you investigate something you can't see? Experience - just like a scientist, with the mystery box how to investigate something you don't yet know everything about. During your visit, you will come across the mystery box in different places. This box contains an unknown object. By examining the mystery box in different ways, you will learn more and more about what is inside. What do you think it contains? Doubt is allowed!

UMU is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Making the scientific process understandable

UMU links up with the university's strategic themes to make visible to the public how the university contributes to society and to developments that the visitor will face in the future. The museum makes the scientific process understandable and uses the collection to do so. The museum also manages and provides access to Utrecht University's academic heritage.