The Executive Board

The Executive Board is Utrecht University’s highest administrative body. The Supervisory Board appoints the members of the Executive Board after hearing the University Council. 

Professor Anton Pijpers, President

Anton Pijpers onderaan trap
Professor Anton Pijpers. Photo: Arnaud Mooij

Executive assistant: Maartje van den Berg
Tel. 06-34136260

Areas of responsibility:

  • coordination, strategy and organisation
  • administrative and legal affairs and representation
  • human resources
  • communications & marketing
  • alumni policy and fundraising
  • valorisation, entrepeneurship and external relations (region, The Hague, Brussels)
  • area development
  • sustainability programme
  • internationalisation
  • (SPO) Strategy, Personnel & Organisation Committee University Council
  • University Labour Representation Board

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Professor Henk Kummeling, Rector Magnificus

Henk Kummeling onderaan trap
Professor Henk Kummeling. Photo: Arnaud Mooij

Executive assistant: Annemieke Hekking
Tel. 06-34128716

Areas of responsibility:

  • research and education
  • student policy and student organisations
  • diversity & inclusion
  • professorship policy and Board for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees
  • academic affairs 
  • science and culture
  • university library
  • cooperation in higher education
    • Executive Board TUe/WUR/UMCU/UU Alliance
    • Rectors League LERU
    • Rectors Assembly Coimbra Group
    • Rectors Assembly CHARM-EU
  • (OOS) Education, Research & Student Affairs Committee University Council

See also the profile and CV of Professor Henk Kummeling.

Margot van der Starre, Vice President

Margot van der Starre
Margot van der Starre

Executive assistant: Ellen Koopman-Jacobs
Tel. +31 6 18590513

Areas of responsibility:

  • finances
  • information and communication technology
  • housing
  • facility management
  • integral safety
  • (FHID) Finance, Housing, ICT and Sustainability committee university council

See also the profile and CV of Margot van der Starre.

Chiara Stam, student assessor

Chiara Stam
Chiara Stam

Tel. (06) 43141264

Chiara Stam participates in the weekly meetings of the Executive Board and other meetings relevant to policy development at the university level, such as the bilateral consultations with faculty boards, and the consultations of the Executive Board with deans. Her focus is on education and student-related issues. In order to be well informed, she maintains close contact with students and in particular the student assistants in the faculties, the student organisations and the students in the University Council.


Secretary to the Executive Board is Els Noorda.

Expenses and declarations

In order to increase transparency, the Executive Board has decided to make the reimbursements for services rendered and declarations of the members of the Executive Board available online once every year. The expenses and declarations with the underlying receipts are published online two months after the end of the year concerned.