Leadership at all levels

Docenten en studenten in universiteitsbibliotheek

In order to achieve the university’s goals and ambitions good leadership is needed at all levels of the organisation.

Professional supervision

Professional supervisors are required to:

  • develop a vision that others can adhere to;
  • be open to feedback;
  • offer confidence and scope for development;
  • take decisions and make choices;
  • discuss the professional skills and development, in conformity with the organisational objectives, of and with the members of staff;
  • make optimal use of the qualities and talents of the members of staff;
  • provide the support required for the staff members to achieve their goals

Leadership development programmes

Utrecht University offers several opportunities to enhance your professional qualities in the field of leadership:

During the training programme for supervisors I learned things that I still apply on a daily basis.
Portret Reinout Raijmakers

Employees Utrecht University

Employees of the university can find extensive information about professional development on the intranet page Practical matters, topic Professional development (login required).