Leadership at all levels

To decisively realise the university’s goals and ambitions we need a sound leadership. Not just at the top, but at all levels of the organisation. Each day we thus work towards the translation of the objectives of the university into the daily practice, we create a mutual confidence and we encourage each other to optimise our talents.

Professional supervision

At Utrecht University we highly value a professional style of leadership. This contributes to a positive work environment both within the university and within the teams and consequently to the performance of individual members of staff.

Professional supervisors are required to:

  • Develop a vision that others can adhere to;
  • Be open to feedback;
  • Offer confidence and scope for development;
  • Take decisions and make choices;
  • Discuss the professional skills and development, in conformity with the organisational objectives,  of and with the members of staff;
  • Make optimum use of the qualities and talents of the members of staff;
  • Provide the support required for the staff members to achieve their goals