Multilingualism in employee and student representation

International staff and students can stand as candidates for the representative bodies of Utrecht University. Are you an international with the ambition to join the employee and student representation? Or would you like to know what the best way is to deal with multilingualism in employee and student representative bodies (university council, faculty councils, education committees, etc.)? On this page, you can find an overview of the facilities and tools that can help support linguistic diversity in the employee and student representation.

Tools and services

Receptive Dutch as administrative language (B1-C1)

February 2022 will mark the start of a 10-week course on receptive Dutch that has been developed especially for international employee and student representatives. In this course, you will learn everything about the Dutch meeting culture, administrative language, and how you can use luistertaal to have multilingual meetings. This means that special attention will be paid to the development of receptive skills (reading and listening) in Dutch. If you are interested, you can email Kimberley Mulder ( for an intake. 

Toolkit Multilingual Meetings

We have a lot of meetings at the university. However, how do you tackle this with an international team? Do you switch to English? What do you do when not everybody is comfortable with that? In the Toolkit Multilingual Meetings, by means of seven animated knowledge clips, it is explained how you can have multilingual meetings (access with Solis-ID only for UU employees and student representatives).

Workshop Multilingual Meetings

Through interactive role-play games and concise theory, employees learn to apply strategies to accommodate as speaker, hearer and active bystander in a meeting with co-workers who have different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Take a look at the workshop in the Development Guide for the up-to-date overview of trainings (access with Solis-ID for UU employees and student representatives). 

Advice & consultation

The project Multilingualism & Participation offers tailored advice to employee and student representative bodies who would like to know how to deal with a specific situation. Experiences and knowledge gained in the employee and student representation are translated into Best Practices multilingualism. For example there is a checklist for employee and student representative bodies, concept choice model language policy, briefing interpreters/translators and more. For more information please contact Kimberly Naber (

Project Multilingualism & Participation

Utrecht University aims to encourage the participation of international staff and students and has therefore set up the Multilingualism & Participation project. This project investigates multilingual situations within and outside UU and has developed the above tools and services. Jan ten Thije, professor intercultural communication and coordinator of the project, and Kimberly Naber, researcher intercultural communication, explain in a DUB-article (in Dutch) what the added value of a multilingual situation can be.

More information

Curious about how the tools have been developed? Or do you have any other questions about multilingualism in the employee and student representation? Contact one of the members of the project team listed below.