Utrecht University works intensively with other organisations in matters relating to teaching and research, in the Netherlands and elsewhere. These collaborations result in innovation and economic development and help to solve societal issues.

International partners

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Strategic partnerships

The scale and complexity of societal questions require efforts beyond the borders of one university, one organisation or one country. For this reason, Utrecht University operates strategic partnerships to share ideas, perspectives and resources. These partnerships support student and staff mobility and exchange and they stimulate innovative collaborative research efforts.

Erasmus+ partners and projects

Utrecht University has agreements for exchange of students and staff with many universities worldwide. Most exchange agreements in Europe are established in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European Commission. Most exchange agreements outside Europe are bilateral agreements.

Exchange partners

The Destinations page offers an overview of all the Utrecht University exchange agreements available to students who wish to go abroad for a semester during their study programme. 

Regional and national partners

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Utrecht University cooperates structurally with UMC Utrecht and Utrecht Science Park. These partners are explained below.

In addition, as a university we collaborate with dozens of partners in the public and private sector, with research institutions, with educational institutions et cetera. These collaborations are mostly organised from within the involved faculties, departments and research groups, but can also be organised on a more central level. News items surrounding these partner collaborations can be found in the news overview on the Partners and networks page.

Information on collaborating and partners per faculty

UMC Utrecht

The Faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht work together in the field of education and research into patient care. The various tasks are carried out at the UMC Utrecht site and under the responsibility of UMC Utrecht. The faculties of Science and Veterinary Medicine also collaborate with UMC Utrecht. Examples of these collaborations are: Regenerative Medicine and Life Sciences.

Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht University, the University Medical Center Utrecht and dozens of innovative businesses and research institutes have pooled their resources at the Utrecht Science Park. This has turned the Utrecht Science Park (USP) into the beating heart of Utrecht’s knowledge-based economy. More on Utrecht Science Park.