Welcome to Utrecht University

As one of Europe’s leading research universities, Utrecht is renowned for its innovative interdisciplinary research and emphasis on high-quality education. These two factors make the university a particularly attractive place for (guest) researchers, (prospective) PhD-candidates and other visitors throughout the world.

Utrecht University's international working community consists of different groups: staff, PhD-candidates and guests. Rules and regulations may vary: see what applies to your situation. Most information provided goes for all internationals. We are happy to inform you about living in the Netherlands and help you to prepare for your stay.

Welcome and registration

Before you start your preparations, it's important to contact the Faculty you are going to visit and follow its registration procedure. As a (guest) researcher or guest, your first and main point of contact will be the Faculty. Each Faculty has its own procedures concerning the registration of (guest) researchers and guests.

Staff or guest?

What information applies to you depends on your situation. When applicable, distinctions will be marked in the text.

  • You are considered staff when you have a paid position with Utrecht University. More information for staff is available at working at Utrecht University or - for current staff - on the intranet.
  • You are considered a guest when you are:
    • a PhD candidate, post-doctoral researcher, guest lecturer or guest researcher:
      • whose stay is financed by a 3rd party;
      • with an unpaid position at Utrecht University;
      • with a Utrecht University grant;
      • financing your stay with personal funds;
    • a member of a delegation;
    • a visiting professor;
    • an individual guest.