Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office works together with researchers, staff and students to make Utrecht University sustainable.

Utrecht University has the ambition of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. Therefore we have placed sustainability at the heart of the University’s core tasks of education and research and in its business operations.

The mission of the Sustainability Office is to transform the university into a source of inspiration for sustainability, using our own campus to create solutions for the challenges of our time. We achieve this by mobilizing, connecting and facilitating management, employees and students of the UU.

We want to set an example for other organizations by prioritizing sustainability and working on this together with all students, staff and stakeholders. The Sustainability Office solves local sustainability issues by actively connecting research and operations. This creates room for experimentation and finding innovative solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

In keeping with the SDGS, we are working to achieve climate-neutral, zero-waste operations by 2030 and to increase the local biodiversity. Find out more about the SDG's

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