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Collaboration at Utrecht University takes place within your own department, interdisciplinary, in contact with our surroundings and at an international level. We work closely together on socially important themes, in hubs and in other contexts.

By working interdisciplinary, our research can provide solutions to major social problems.
Portret Ellen Moors

Utrecht University has various forms of cooperation:

Strategic themes, hubs and focus areas

Utrecht University focuses its research on 4 strategic themes: Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, Life Sciences and Pathways to Sustainability. Utrecht University tackles key societal challenges in 14 hubs. The 11 focus areas aim to strengthen the profile of Utrecht University (in addition to the strategic themes) and to link fundamental research to a social mission

Internal collaboration

The university stimulates the formation of interdisciplinary partnerships. Good mutual cooperation across different fields of work, in conjunction with faculties and services is essential in order to achieve a good joint result. Personal contact and the creation of close communities contribute to the formation and implementation of realistic goals, of the university as well as on a personal and professional level.

Partners in the area

Utrecht University is closely linked to the city and the province of Utrecht. At Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht and dozens of innovative companies and research institutes join forces. This makes the Utrecht Science Park the beating heart of Utrecht's knowledge economy.

(Inter)national collaboration

In the field of education and research, Utrecht University intensively collaborates with other organisations, both national and international. This collaboration leads to innovation, economic development and solving of social issues. Examples: Utrecht-Eindhoven alliance, LERU and China Scholarship Council.