Elections Faculty Council 2023

Election results

The Student Regulations of the Faculty Council 2023-2024 consist of the following persons

  • General:                               Niels van der Burg
  • Physics:                                Martijn van Ooijen
  • Biology:                                Nikki de Bruijn
  • Chemistry:                            Noura Boughrit
  • Computer Science:               Lisa van Dijk
  • Mathematics:                        Vacancy
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences:    Vacancy

In accordance with the regulations, Levi Stinis can fill one of the 2 vacant seats

The personnel regulations of the Faculty Council 2023-2025 consist of the following persons

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences    Johan Rozenbrand
  • Biology                                 Suzan Ruijtenberg
  • Mathematics                         Stephen Snelders
  • Computer Science                Till Miltzow
  • Chemistry                             Ina Vollmer
  • Domain                                Vacancy
  • Physics                                Vacancy

The Electoral Commission, May 11th 2023