The new coucil is elected

The student section of the Faculty Board of the faculty of Sciences 2020-2021 consists of the following persons:


  • General                                                      Franka Jesse
  • Mathematics:                                             Lizanne van der Laan
  • Physics:                                                      Sarah Prendergast
  • Biology:                                                      Anna Wiersma
  • Chemistry:                                                  Dylan van Tongeren
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences:                       Marleen Joustra
  • Informatics:                                                Vacancy

For the personel was one vacancy. now is elected

  • Chemistry       Bert Jansen

More information

Would you like more information about the elections? Read the electionregulatons or contact the secretary of the electoral commission at   Science.kiescommissie@uu.nl

The election committee of the faculty of science consist of:

  • Mies van Steenbergen (chair)
  • Karin Hens (secretary)
  • Demian van Gurp (student member)