Elections staff and student representation Faculty Council 2019

From May 20th  till 22nd there were elections for the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science.

Here are the elected members. At the bottom of the page you will find the full reports of the elections.

The staff elected for the period of 1-9-2019 until 31-8-2021

Domains                                         Caroline Rutten

Mathematics                                     Frans van Dam

Information and Computing Sciences         Iris Ren

Chemistry                                         open

Pharmaceutical Sciences                   Johan Rozenbrand

Physics                                               Gerhard Blab

Biology                                              Mike Boxem


The students elected for the period of 1-9-2019 until 31-8-2020

General                                             Lorenzo Sierra Perez

Mathematics                                     Elise van den Broek

Information and Computing Sciences         Yentel van Dop

Chemistry                                         Winnie Henderson

Pharmaceutical Sciences                   Rob Lek

Physics                                               Luuk Goode

Biology                                              Roman Monte

For questions about the procedures contact the Elections Committee Science.Kiescommissie@uu.nl.

The Elections Committee of the Faculty of Science

  • Mies van Steenbergen(vz)
  • Karin Hens (secr)
  • Soete Meertens (lid)

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