Staff, grant-PhD candidates and students at Utrecht University can participate at the highest administrative level when they are member of the University Council. Every year, the Central Electoral Office organises elections for the student seats in the University Council. And every two years for the staff seats.

Elections 2019

The next elections for the student and staff seats are from 20 - 22 May 2019.

How to put yourself forward as candidate?

Students, employees and PhD candidates can put themselves forward as a candidate until 18 April 2019:

  • They can join an existing list. Contact the president or spokesperson of this list.
  • They can start their own list and put themselves and others forward as a candidate.


What is the schedule?

For the elections of 2019 the schedule is as follows:

Date Action
untill 18 April Submit candidate forms and consent forms
4 March - 18 April Electoral register check
29 April Announcement of candidate lists
20 - 22 May (23:59) Elections
24 May Results of elections

More information

Do you want more information about the elections? Read the regulations or contact the secretary of the Central Electoral Office, Anne Marie Partridge via phone number 030-253 43 55.