As student, employee or grant PhD you can join a representative advisory body to discuss the university-wide issues that form the focus of the strategy of both our university and your faculty or service department. During the elections you can put yourself forward as a candidate for the University Council or your own Faculty Council or Employees’ Consultative Body. Students and staff vote to determine who they wish to represent them.  

When are the elections?

Every year, the Central Electoral Office organises elections for the student seats in the University Council. And every two years for the staff seats. The next elections for the student seats (and for vacancies in some staff bodies) will be held from 16- 18 May 2022.

Elections for the Faculty Councils and Employees’ Consultative Bodies

Click the links below for information about the elections for your council:  

Elections for the University Council

How do I put myself forward as candidate?

You can put yourself forward as a candidate until 14 April 2022:

  • You can join an existing list. Contact the spokesperson of this list.
  • You can start your own list and put yourself and others forward as a candidate.

I am an international student or employee. Can I put myself forward as a candidate?

International students and employees can also stand for election. Members of the University Council who can't speak Dutch yet, can count on extensive English summaries of each memo; English translations of impactful memos; budget for translations; a Dutch course focused on participation and, if necessary, an interpreter or a suitable alternative until you will have sufficiently mastered the Dutch language (receptive language). The university expects you to make an effort to improve your Dutch language skills.


What is the schedule?

Week of 7 March 2022

Students and relevant employees receive an e-mail to check their listing in the electoral roll.

8 March – 14 April 2022

Submission of candidate forms and consent forms

25 April 2022

Announcement of candidate lists (public meeting)

16-18 May 2022 (23:59)


20 May 2022

Announcement of election results (public meeting)

More information

Do you want more information about the elections? Read the regulations or contact the secretary to the Central Electoral Office, Anne Marie Partridge