Staff, grant-PhD candidates and students at Utrecht University can participate at the highest administrative level when they are member of the University Council. Every year, the Central Electoral Office organises elections for the student seats in the University Council. And every two years for the staff seats.

Elections 2019

Nearly 7,300 students (23,9%) and 2,300 employees (23,9%) cast their votes for the University Council candidate of their choice. Students and staff were able to cast their votes from 20 through 22 May.


The following 12 students will become the new members of the University Council from 1 September 2019, for a period of one year.

1. Lijst VUUR (total: 2983 votes)

  1. V.T. (Vincent) de Haes, Geosciences: 294
  2. A. (Anneke) Marien, Humanities: 340
  3. J.G.A. (Jesse) Wijlhuizen, Humanities / Social Sciences: 381
  4. N.M. (Nienke) Prins, Humanities / REBO: 244
  5. D.D. (Douglas) Dorothal, Veterinairy Medicine: 199

2. Partij voor de Utrechtse Student (total: 2307 votes)

  1. L.R. (Lars) Bakker, REBO: 238      
  2. M.C. (Maartje) Lith, REBO: 218
  3. F.A. (Friso) Bouman, REBO: 232
  4. S.M.E. (Sarah) van Driel, Science: 293

3. De Vrije Student (total: 1061 votes)

  1. E. (Eva) Klaver, Science: 209                 
  2. J.D.P. (Job) van den Broek, UCR / Humanities: 33

4. UUinActie (total: 655 votes)

       1. A. C. (Ashley) van Driel, Humanities: 154

Total number of students on the electoral roll: 30473

Total number of students who voted: 274 (23,9%)


The following 11 employees will become the new members of the University Council from 1 September 2019, for a period of two years.

Seats representing the faculties of Humanities, Geosciences, Law, Economics and Governance and Social and Behavioural Sciences (alpha/gamma)

1. Lijst VLAM (total: 588 votes)

  1. J.J. (Joop) Schippers, Law, Economics and Governance                       253      
  2. A.J.C. (Toine) Minnaert, Humanities                                                        45
  3. A.M.E.L. (Annemieke) Hoogenboom, Humanities                                   124

2. Utrecht PhD Party (total: 378 votes)

  1. L.L. (Lieke) Schrijvers, Humanities                                                           90

3. UUinActie (total: 380 votes)

  1. A.M.R. (Annelien) de Dijn, Humanities                                                     204

Seats representing the faculties of Science and Veterinary Science (beta/medical)

1. Lijst VLAM (total: 433 votes)

  1. G.E. (Gert) Folkers, Science                                                                   173
  2. S.M. (Mechiel) Korte, Science                                                                 97

2. Utrecht PhD Party (total: 191 votes)

  1. A.C. (Anne) van Veen, Science                                                                88

Seats representing the support and administrative staff

Due to the fact that there were fewer candidates than seats, these following three candidates have immediately been assigned a seat in the University Council:

  1. S. (Syl) Blad, Science
  2. W.J. (Wim) de Smidt, Law, Economics and Governance
  3. E.M. (Liesbeth) Potters, Law, Economics and Governance

Seat representing UMC Utrecht

Since two years now, the 12th seat in the University Council has been reserved for employees of UMC Utrecht. This year, there was only one candidate:

  1. Erna van Wilsem.

Total number of employees on the electoral roll: 6899

Total number of employees who voted: 2266 (32,8%)

More information

Do you want more information about the elections? Read the regulations or contact the secretary of the Central Electoral Office, Anne Marie Partridge via phone number 030-253 43 55.