Several ways to conduct research into manuscripts

Old manuscripts from the Special Collections are very suitable for several forms of research into materials and techniques. For instance, you can research the parchment on provenance, on dating and on purity.

Research into the chemical composition of the parchment of the Utrecht Psalter shows that it is of very good, pure quality. The pigments in the leaves of the Egmond Brevier have also been researched

Eliane Fankhauser has used ultraviolet light in her research to make music notations visible. Besides ultraviolet light, X-rays and infrared rays are used to research old material.

In the Zwolle Bible you will find pencilled-in names. Someone has tried to rub them out. These crossed-out writings can be made visible again with certain devices. Have we succeeded in giving you an idea for your research?

Would you like to know what is possible in your research into special material?

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Namen van bezoekers aan de Mariakerk geschreven in de Zwolse Bijbel