'Overzichtskaart van de zendingsterreinen in Ned. Oost-Indië', 1939

This map shows an overview of missionary work in the Dutch East Indies. The legend contains an overview of local churches and Dutch as well as German and American missionary organizations that are active in the ‘Dutch area’. Rather than displaying individual missions, this map delineates and color-coded the entire areas in which the organizations operate.

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Catholic mission areas are not identified separately on this map, but these could be part of the ‘Areas Without a Protestant Mission.’ The connection between the Dutch East Indies and the Netherlands is emphasized by the addition of an inset map of the Netherlands and the display of the three different Indonesian time zones in relation to the Dutch time. Some mountain ranges are shown by means of shading, but are not further accounted for in the legend.

This map comes from the 2nd edition of the Atlas of the Territories of the Protestant Mission in the Dutch East and West Indies from 1939, published by the Mission Office of the Cooperating Mission Corporations for use in schools (see also the map of the Moluccas).