Reading Room rules and regulations

The following rules apply to the Special Collections reading room:

  • On arrival in the Reading Room please report to the desk. During your visit your library card or reading room card will be kept by the reading room staff. On leaving, the card will be returned to you.
  • Please put coats, bags, food and drink in the lockers outside the reading room.
  • Silence in the Reading Room. Mobile phones should be switched off.
  • Only pencils and laptops may be used for taking notes in both rooms.
  • In order to protect the books you must make use of the foam book-rests. Please do not change the order of loose-leaf material. You must hand in the material at the desk.
  • The material you are consulting should not be left unattended. If you wish to leave the reading room for a longer period of time, you must hand in the material at the desk.
  • In the Map Room the filing cabinets with broadsheet maps and the cabinets containing folded maps may only be opened by library staff. After you have finished, please put the cartographic material on the head of the table. Please do not return the material to the shelves yourself.
  • Library staff ensures the careful use of materials. Books may not be pressed down for better pictures and maps must not be removed from their protective cover. CCTV is used in both rooms.
  • In all other cases, follow the instructions of the library staff.