Faculty Council


The faculty council of Science consists of a staff and student member of each of the departments, one staff member on behalf of the faculty bureau (services) and one general student member. With this, the faculty council has 14 members. These are the six departments:

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Department of Information and Computing Sciences
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics

The participation organ (in the sense of the WHW law) for the faculty of Science lies with the faculty council. As for the level of the departments, there exist other advice committees. 

Members of the faculty council are chosen by and amongst the faculty’s staff and students.

For staff members of the faculty council, their department (or faculty bureau) receives a compensation of 0,2 fte. Students receive a compensation of one day per week for their work.

    Content faculty council

    The faculty council has a meeting cycle of six weeks. Generally, these look as follows:

    Week 1 – 4: Preliminary work by faculty council committees
    Week 3:       Discussion between faculty council and board about the next agenda
    Week 4:       Meetings of committees and department advisory committees
    Week 5:       Pre-meeting faculty council
    Week 6:       Meeting faculty council with faculty board

    The pre-meeting of the faculty council is intended for formulating questions to the faculty board and establishing the opinions of the faculty council.

    The council has the right of consent and the right of advice on certain topics as describes in the faculty regulations. Shortly summarised:

    Right of consent on:

    • Faculty regulations, including the electoral regulations;
    • Faculty strategic plan;
    • The faculty part of the student statute;
    • Main lines of the faculty budget. This includes the faculty distribution model implemented in 2023;
    • The education and examination regulations (OER) of the faculty’s study programmes.

    Right of advice:

    • Matters that concern the continuity of the faculty and matters that may threaten the good state of affairs within our faculty;
    • The care for faculty student facilities.

    Questions / Contact

    For questions, remarks or a personal conversation, please contact the members of the Faculty Council.

    The Faculty Council can be reached at science.faculteitsraad@uu.nl.